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Do you have an idea‽

Dec 31, 2008
I have two ideas that I would like to see implemented in Pirate 101:

1. the ability to allow your pet to run free at or in your home (I have a veritable zoo in Wizard 101), and
2. the ability to store or mount your bottled ships at home- either mount straight to the wall, or as a movable piece of bric-a-brac.

Nov 05, 2012
wanted468 on Jan 7, 2013 wrote:
I had an idea about making your own skyway for your house and you can sail to another house as well. You could also get certain ships a drops to fight in the skys like in any other skyway! thats all i got for now. lvl 50 lvl 20
That sounds like a good idea Spelltale, keep up the good work

Stormy Wolf Gordon

Dec 09, 2012
I was thinking that if you have more than one pirate on your account then you could trade companions from one account to another.

Quick Joseph Yellowfish lvl 13 Swashbuckler

Apr 24, 2012
I'm a Swashbuckler and one of the things I would like to see changed is that you can't repostle or vengence a "gunslinger". I understand if they are distant from you but if they are in any of the squares right next to you then why not?. If one chooses to use a gun then they should be aware of the benefit of being able to hit from a distance. If they choose to take that advantage away by coming right up next to their opposion then they should be fair game.

Dec 21, 2009
I think Kings Isle should put into pirate101 black holes that appear around the spiral at random that take you to random worlds. (No windstone required.)

Petty Officer
Oct 31, 2012
There is alot of running around passed battles to get to a certain objective. Also different quests take you past the same battles numerous times. It would be nice if quests were more intergrated into the fabric of the game. Sometimes gameplay gets downright boring and perdictable as you pass by the same NPC which you have already battled time and time again. Thank you!

Mar 17, 2012
Dear Avery
i think you should put some crowns in the game of pirate 101 like in hidden treasure chest i also think that you should make a store for rides and pets and let us buy them with coins. Caption i also think you should give everyone an allowance of 100 crowns a month members only

Petty Officer
Oct 04, 2012
Several additions I would make: -
1) Allow players to permanently discard abilities. Some are low level, always discarded in battles or require different weapons than those equipped, I would like to be able to delete these, or create a deck as per w101.
2) Allow players to permanently discard companions. There is nothing worse than hitting a hard battle and seeing that the terrible 'xxx' companion has popped.
3) Increase gold cap or allow transfer to other account avatar or bank. My 50 is at cap (as are companions) and has nothing left to buy other than house fluff.
4) Pet mini-games- no doubt this is coming.
5) Competitive level-based pvp- no doubt this is also coming.
6) get rid of the slow-down mechanic when within docking distance of islands, or at least make the area much smaller. It is a minor issue but so irritating when trying to get from a-b and passing too close to a dock.
7) Identify main storyline quests within quest log.
8) Allow a once only free or cheap companion retrain, it is expensive and mine were trained before pvp was introduced and now have the wrong abilities for it.
9) That's it.

All in all it is a great game and keep up the good work, but these are the changes I would like to see.

Dec 01, 2012
lvl sixth ty shoul be in celestia and for the gunners they should get a robot with burst fire and more and for the witchdoctors they should get a undead crab and for the buccaner they should get a ninja, there should be companions with shotguns or some with laser eyes and more.

Jul 13, 2010
1. A bazaar. This really helped in Wizard101 with gear, and I've seen others talk about it.

2. More Wizard101 worlds, It was mentioned in the beginning, (When you were creating your character) about coming from Krokotopia, or Grizzleheim! It would be interesting to see how the Bear Tribes react to my companions...

3. A possible place where Wizards and Pirates could meet together? Since there's probably Wizards in Mooshu at the same time that Pirates are!

- Brave Molly Quinn, Swashbuckler

Sep 16, 2009
I would really like to see a "mark location" button.

Petty Officer
Jul 28, 2011
Elemutation on Jan 1, 2013 wrote:
yeah, for that you might as well just go to cool ranch and put on cowboy clothes. plus, if that was made, there wouldn't be much to expand on because there is only one world that really fits the cowboy theme.
It doesnt nessceraly have to be cool ranch you know besides its not like itll be the only world. I can think of others and so can KI

Petty Officer
Jul 28, 2011
subata speaks on Dec 31, 2012 wrote:
I have an idea! and this idea could grow BIG and i mean HUGE!!! but this doesnt have to do with pirate101, it has to do with my idea for an ALL NEW GAME FOR KINGSISLE!!!!!!!!!! i call it,


a third game for kingsisle to produce for kids to play. if i have any other detailed ideas for this possibly large thing, i will post RIGHT HERE on "do you have an idea?" and i want really want Avery, One-Eyed Jack, and any other admins availible to see this and maybe actually make it KTHXBAI

nagini45 (wicked jack nightingale)

lvl 45 swashbuckler

P.S on p101, im having a situation with stormzilla in mooshu, and i hope thats fixed soon OK
Ok so heres something: in w101, You cross between words in spiral doors. In p101, world travel is stormgates. But in c101, we travel by CAVEWAYS. Caveways are magical caverns only accessible by steed. (Ill explain steeds another time) some caveways can connect to more than one world, and there are multiple caveways in each world. Caveways are only found out in ranges, which ,many enemies roam so be on the lookout ;)

Nagini45 ( wicked jack nightingale) lvl 48 swashbuckler

Oct 14, 2012
Pirate's Portal on Sep 28, 2012 wrote:
I would like to be able to rename my companions. Everyone seems to be running around with a Subodai Horse Barbarian.

I'd also like to name my mount. And in the original beta version, when you purchased a mount you could choose your own colors for it. I really liked having my Thunderous Kirin painted in the same colors as my ships crew. It not only looked great, but it made the mount "mine" so to speak. I know there's no plans to allow a mount to be dyed; but what about going back to this original ability to choose the color upon purchase. Especially those from the crown shop. Technically we're paying real money for those and it would be great if we could customize the mount we're paying for.

It would also be nice to have an option to "take a picture" of your character with the desired selected gear beyond that of a screen print. One where there's no extra game icons on the screen. A portrait shop for instance. A place where you can take a picture of your pirate with a choice of backgrounds; or with your selected ship in the background, maybe you want to have a pic of your pirate with his/her entire crew, pet or mount etc. A Portrait Shop..that would be cool.

I've always wanted my Pirate to go "home" and sit by the fire. Perhaps an option to walk up to a chair or sofa and press X to allow them to sit.

As a Mom I'm often playing during the day when my son is at school. But that also means I'm doing housework on and off during that time. Typically I'll find a place for my character to stand safely and rush off to do something hoping I can get it done before the session expires. It would be great if I could take my pirate home, lay down on the bed and take a nap for a little extra time than the normal expiration time. Maybe 20min max, before the session ends.

Finally, I love the ships. But I'd love to be able to go beneath the main deck to the Captain's Quarters and decorate it like a home, where we could keep maps, & sextants and such.

To make a long story short, I completely agree with everything listed here.

The portrait shop would be fantastic! I would especially love it if pirates could buy the portrait that was taken in the portrait shop and place it in their home. It would also be cool if they could choose a cool frame for it, to go with the theme of their home.

I also agree with the renaming companions and mounts. I've seen lots of pirates with the same companion as me and find it very confusing is battles.

Most games that I've played (besides Pirate101 and Wizard101) allow you to sit on a piece of furniture in your home, such as a sofa or armchair. I think it would be really cool to have that available to pirates who have had a long day of sailing the skies and need to rest for a while.

Lastly, one of the first things I noticed while playing Pirate101 was that you get to go under your ship into the captain's quarters and decorate it. I think it would be especially good if you could see your ships' crew there, maybe sitting on a sofa you put there.

I hope this review was helpful!

Say hi if you see me in the skies:
Cassandra Quinn, Level 25 Swashbuckler

Dec 27, 2012
I would like to see a vendor like where you dye your clothes, like in the same shop have a option to change your flag color, and pet color. It will be nice to have vendor that you can change the flag color...because the only way to change the color is by deleting a pirate character is really unnecessary because your pirate character is already to level 50. and it seem kinda of pointless to delete character all the time if you didn't like the colors you chose after awhile of game play. So yea wish the flag dye vendor existed in game, like with the same vendors where you dye your clothes.

~Husky Caroline ~

Oct 16, 2010
How about a speedboat to go through storm gates..

Dec 15, 2012
The ability to bottle your companions would be genius. Also maybe like on other video game systems games settings sometimes lets you make all of the characters in a "disguise" like glasses and a big nose, robots, etc. What I would make though is video game console CD's that you put in (like Wii), connect to the internet, and play using the video game controls. That would be awesome.

Sensible Timothy Aldridge Level 23

Nov 23, 2011
There are a lot of "Wizard101" things mentioned here that I too would like to see in Pirate101 (and anticipate will be here in time): a bazaar, pets running about the house, stitching items, housing objects to find in some locations, etc.). I will be surprised if any of these things don't show up in time.

Some Wizardy things I do not anticipate ever showing up in Pirate: gardening and pet training, for two. My guess is that once the game expands past level 50 pets will pick up a second skill at some point, allowing more distinction between them, and gardening seems very un-piratey.

I like a lot of the frequently requested non-Wizard suggestions - esp. allowing us to decorate the captain's quarters on our ship and upgrading ships of a certain style we like, rather than being forced to buy ships in a style we don't like to stay competitive (since you can already activate ships from the bundle cards at different levels, I suspect this one may be in the cards already).


Nov 23, 2011
(A continuation of my previous post, which apparently went to long...).

Here are a couple I didn't notice anyone else recommending on this thread:

(1) I like a lot of the "treasures" in the new card pack... and I would like to keep and display some of them instead of selling them. How about a well-concealed "treasure room" in houses, where we can hide our precious treasures from prying eyes, but go and gloat over them when we feel like it? Seems very piratical to me.

(2) There have been lots of people requesting teleports. I too sometimes feel a little frustrated at the long voyages, but I suspect this is an area where KI wants to distinguish P101 from W101. So, instead, maybe try some things to make sailing more fun - chance encounters with wrecks you can loot (for gold an maybe an item), or special ships that - if you can defeat them - yield unique drops. Or a ship that you can take through boarding that gives you a crewman. Some of these random encounters could be fairly common, others much more rare. But would give us something to look for while sailing.


Jul 09, 2010
Ship Races - various types of race, incentive to hold memberships

(I accidentally posted a similar post in the wrong area and it's a mess but I can't see how to edit or remove it. Hope it's ok to put this here now.)

atm all our ships are the same, but there could be a Racing Portal or Dock that engaging would trigger a registration of all the stats of your ship & all its gear, your character & gear, the First Mate and the random other 2 Companions that pop up. Your Racing Stats depend on the combo of traits that have been assigned to the:
  • class of your character, their ship & each of the companions in the race
  • talents & powers of each
  • attributes on each piece of added equipment or gear
  • the badge their wearing OR their collection of badges
Every race would be different. Players who research can understand the effect of their Ship, Class, gear on ship and self, badges that count, and the First Mate - but the random 2 mates would change their overall Racing Stats every time. Also, one assumes that there is game play between races so levels and gear will change.

There could be obstacle courses, maps to decode before you can use them, Treasure Hunts, and regular circuited races. So versions of racing that go from Kentucky Derby style to The Great Race (TV show).

There should be GREAT prizes that make people want memberships just to be able to do the racing
  • retired or off-season card packs
  • retired bundle cards
  • huge sums of gold
  • exclusive items - hair dying kit allowing repeat dying - hair tools to change styles repeatedly - better ship equipment always right for the one being raced, but can't be gotten any other way - expanded fuel tank - pet drops that are the most awesome in the game - Clothing with Cool Ranch & Mooshu lvl stats but look nice like the ones we get in the beginning of the game.
  • rare chance of current Crown or Card Items

Nov 12, 2012
Here's a suggestion: in mooshu i am having a great problem with the inoshishi bandits. Their block rate is ridiculously high, make it EXTREMELY difficult to beat them, also their power is off the charts as well. i am stuck on kobe's second promo quest cause i cant beat the overpowered pigs, so KingsIsle, please fix this problem.

Mar 30, 2011
I have a few request's if not already made.
In my opinion our back packs are way to small. I have had to create another player (4 total now) mainly for the backpack room. With the 5 different classes and the who knows how many different ship combinations it is getting hard to figure out what to keep and what to sell.
Another option would be that if an item is equipped on a ship then have that item come out of the backpack. Don't really have a lot to spend my gold on now so I decided to start buying ships to help me sort out the best equipment for that ship. Once I equipped the item to the ship I noticed that it is still counted towards the overall backpack inventory.
Help, I am running out of room.


Jun 11, 2011
I would like to see something like a mailbox feature where you can leave messages for your friends such as when there offline since everybody has different times to get on and cant chat with friends with offline friends. it would really make it great to talk to friends when there offline

--Jonathan Alcott Level 44 Privateer and proud

Petty Officer
Feb 10, 2011
I'm still enjoying P101 even at level 50 and most of my storyline companions already at level 49. I am looking forward to the next expansion.

But I really do hope you don't turn P101 into a pirate version of W101. Sure, stitching would be great since I do like the look of some of the items more than what I am forced to use to stay competitive with the game play, but really don't need the pets. I like having companions, if I wanted to have a zoo, I'd go back to playing W101.

The comments seem to be crystallizing around a few key things:
  • Ships that upgrade with character/nautical level
  • Some kind of implementation of below deck for a house
  • Finding something to do with all the back and forth travel the game is forcing on us ( i do like the idea of unique random battles, sort of like floating dungeons,. Maybe even having certain ones only show up on certain days?)
  • A way to bottle/unequip/dismiss/release crew companions to ease the burden of training.
  • A way to "redo" our colors (my goat monk companion looks awesome in my colors chosen way back at the beginning of the game, but my El Toro looks horrible :(
  • And the ability to stitch.

At least that's how I'm reading it.

Nov 23, 2011
deoxys65: "A way to "redo" our colors (my goat monk companion looks awesome in my colors chosen way back at the beginning of the game, but my El Toro looks horrible :("

My first character chose black and pink; on her sail design, the pink wasn't very prominent... but you should see her El Toro - pink, pink, pink! The enemy always laugh like crazy when they see him. But then he kills them, so I guess it all works out in the end.