Awards for Pirate101


And the winner is...

We at KingsIsle Entertainment are very honored by the following recognition and awards to our Pirate game online.

We are very passionate about the games we create and enjoy seeing others recognize our team's hard work and creativity.

Monquista Library

MMORPG Player's Choice Awards - Game of the Year

Pirate101 fans united at MMORPG to vote Pirate101 as Game of the Year!

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Best Hybrid Strategy RTSGur E3

RTSGuru Best of E3 - Best Hybrid Strategy

"... Pirate 101 is shaping up to be one of the fantastic example of an MMO with a strategy bent done right. All combat is turn-based grid-movement RTS goodness at its finest, and the crew you build makes P101 like Final Fantasy Tactics on the high seas. Watch this one folks. It's going to be a keeper."