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Pirate101's Summer is Sizzling in the Skyways!

An exciting month is ahead for Pirate101 fans! To celebrate what’s coming up, we talked about some of the upcoming content on last week’s KI Live, including announcing the test realm update, and a lot of news from Professor Falmea in her latest Producer’s Letter.

The truly exciting theme about this month’s upcoming events and game content is that much of it is being directed by the community itself. Keep watch on the game’s Twitter page @Pirate101 for regular event updates as the community sends them to us!

Let’s take a quick look at the 1.100 Update, which is now on the Test Realm and going LIVE later in September:

  • Skeleton Key Fights
  • Quest Finder
  • Item Locking
  • Expanded inventory and friends list option
  • A variety of CS Mounts
  • Ebon Head Fight fix
  • And more!

Producer's Letter

Me Pirate Friends,

Once again, the heat of the summer returns, and so I’m taking the opportunity to hoist me sails and feel the warm wind again. Me galleon has traveled through MooShu to see the trees in bloom, and I plan to hit the beach in Skull Island before the breeze turns cold.

Speaking of seasons, spring and summer have seen a plentitude of new pets and mounts in the Spiral. There’s still time to excel at PVP battles and get your Rock Spider pets before the leaves turn colors and a new pet will appear for the fall. I wonder what it will be...

While you wait to find out, I’d like to revisit some of the pets that we’ve added since I last wrote to you:
  • Spring PvP Pet – Sea Dragon Pet
  • Summer PvP pet – Rock Spider pets
  • Tons of other new pets and mounts, including:
    • New Koi mount
    • Golden Eagle mount
    • Green Vine mount
    • Skeletorus pet (and the accompanying SPIDER FIGHTS! on KI Live...)
    • The April Fool’s Ball-n-chain mount
    • Butterfly Swarm mount
    • Cyan Marshadillow Pet
    • Mara and Asmodeus Poisonteeth pets
    • Care Hare mount
    • New Heart, Dark, and Seraph wing mounts
Read more from Professor Falmea!

KI Live with Bat Masterson & Leah

Missed last week's KI Live? Watch it now on YouTube! We covered Wizard101's 10th Anniversary, some really cool updates to Pirate101, Animal Cove's global launch, and more!


Rogue's Gallery

We’ve seen a great deal of enthusiasm in learning how we’ve developed the many unique characters in the game. Last month you got a peek into the life of Itzam Halach, a master of calling forth the spirits of light and benevolence. This month we’re paying a visit to meet Nanu Nanu! See below what interesting quests and background cover this unique character:

Name: Nanu Nanu

Occupation: Hunter of the Nui Tribe

Home: Skull Island (Rapa Nui)

Weapons: Spear

The Nui tribe of Skull Island Water Moles have no warriors – Nanu Nanu served his people as a hunter, mastering the spear but never intending to use it in battle.

All that changed, however, one day when he and his brothers were hunting Batacuda near the Vortex of Doom. A ship full of Wharf Rats decided to use Nanu’s canoe for target practice, and the barrage knocked the Water Mole senseless, wiping out the rest of the hunting party. Nanu was found adrift on floating wreckage by a Marleybonean pirate named Orson, who took the injured Water Mole and brought him to the Wongo Woo on Skull Island, where Maka Motl nursed the wounded hunter back to health.

Angered by his ordeal and hungry for revenge, Nanu insisted that the Wongo Woo train him as a warrior – the Water Mole became the first (and only) of his tribe to take that title. Nanu Nanu returned to his tribe and lived in peace until the Pirate Ratbeard led the Waponi Woo to attack Rapa Nui. Once the enemies were driven away, Nanu Nanu jumped at the chance to join the hunt for the infamous Wharf Rat, and set out with a young Pirate to seek a new destiny...

Quote by Nanu Nanu: “Our enemies? I do not fear them – my spear is ready!”


Puppet Pirates

Last month you voted on the best Puppet Pirates quote. Congrats to Grace for her quote being chosen!

Gandry: "What's he in for?"
Boochbeard: "He's a cat burglar."
Gandry: Why does he look like that?"
Boochbeard: "Catnip withdrawals."
~ Grace


Screenshot of the Month

We’ve been getting a few more screenshots for Pirate101, which is hugely appreciated. Thank you so much for remembering to send your awesome shots to community@pirate101.com so we can share them with the rest of our fans on Facebook.

This month’s winner goes to Valorie Stockstill of her riding her clockwork steed during sunset!

Thanks for sending us this great screenshot Valorie!


Fan Art Spotlight

We’d love to see more fan art in our community inbox! If you have an original work based around Pirate101, please send it to us at community@pirate101.com.

This month’s fan art spotlight goes to Cryspy Wyvern, who drew this magnificent drawing of Morgan Lafitte, the finest Swashbuckler Trainer to be hired:

Rumor has it that Morgan LaFitte was born into nobility on some far corner of the Spiral, but she abandoned her life of wealth and privilege to escape an arranged marriage. Morgan went to Valencia, where she lived a double life as a renowned Countess and a legendary cat burglar.

Thanks for this fun piece of fan art and for proudly declaring, “The Pirate’s Life is For Me!” If you feel the same way, we’d love to see more fan art from you! Thanks!


Community News

Every day there’s something fun to read on the Pirate101 message boards. Please join in the fun. Here are a few great posts from last month that would be easy to jump in and comment on.

With the August 2018 Producer’s Letter out, many Pirates are excited to see what updates are coming their way:

Vanessa Mythdust gathered some random thoughts she had, moments she calls “tavern thoughts.”

Stephanie Dawnheart found a strategy that she could use to finally beat her most difficult PvP opponent.

Blaze Lifehammer revisited Pirate101 and discussed what is to come.

Vanessa Mythdust discussed the pains of falling behind in nautical level.

Edward Lifegem celebrated his sixth year on Pirate101 with a look into his past memories.

JWhisp started a new adventure throughout the Spiral as a Buccaneer.

In celebration of maxing out all her companions, Stephanie Dawnheart did a solo run through the Smugglers’ Arena.

Questing adventures are always fun for Edward Lifegem, who quested with Autumn on his Witchdoctor and completed side quests on his Swashbuckler and Witchdoctor as well.

On Pirate101 Central, seaclaid shared his accomplishment getting a badge. Join the discussion on your favorite badges.

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