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A New Update and a Spooky Holiday Have Arrived!

It's been an exciting recent few weeks for Pirate101 players! We’ve brought you a new game update that contains a bunch of fun content and challenges. More about the new update and other happenings from around the community in this month’s newsletter below.

The truly exciting theme about this month’s upcoming events and game content is that much of it is being directed by the community itself. Keep watch on the game’s Twitter page @Pirate101 for regular event updates as the community sends them to us!


Rogue's Gallery: Mickey Dugan

Name: Mickey Dugan

Occupation: Town Cryer

Home: Skull Island, Avery's Court

Weapon of Choice: The truth!

About: Mickey Dugan grew up as a humble orphan in Jonahtown. A fixture of the busy docks and taverns, Dugan had a knack for overhearing all sorts of interesting tales from distant parts. The young Pelican made a name for himself spreading news and rumor throughout town, often for some small reward. Dugan caught wind of some particularly juicy gossip from Gullet, but talking about it earned him the wrath of the Frogfather. Dugan fled Jonahtown on a merchant ship from Marleybone, and ended up on the isle of Dogs.

In Marleybone, Dugan befriended the publisher of a popular news sheet, Richard Outcault. Starting as a delivery boy, Dugan made his way up the ranks to fully-fledged rumor monger, hunting down stories for his boss to print. History repeated itself when the rumors Dugan helped publish embarrassed an important Peer of the Realm; Dugan left Marleybone in a hurry and made his way back to Skull Island. Upon his return he found employment with Captain Avery, who had need of someone with an ear to the ground. To this day, if something important happens in Skull Island, Dugan is sure to hear of it, and is eager to pass on the news.



Pirate101 News

Let’s take a quick look at some of the neat things that have happened this past month:

  • 1.100 Update is now on live after being on the Test Realm (thank you pirates!)
    • As a reminder, this includes the new skeleton key bosses, quest finder, inventory/bank/friends list expansion, old Scratch’s promotion quest, and more!
    • There is other content that will be uncovered later in the year as well, so stay tuned!
  • While last month’s KI Live focused on Wizard101’s birthday, this coming month’s show will be dedicated to Pirate101’s birthday! Keep watch at @Pirate101 for updates.

For this month, we kicked off a big Halloween event for all pirates! Visit our Halloween in Skull Island page to check out the new Cloudstrider Mount and the return of many items.

If you are also a Wizard in Wizard101, be sure to also check out all their fun Halloween events!

KingsIsle and Extra Life – Supporting Kids Care

As a thanks for your contributions, we will be awarding contributors with the following:

Our team will also be participating in numerous livestream events on Nov. 3rd, so keep watch on Twitter and Facebook for updates on our community presence!

KI Live with Bat Masterson & Falmea

Stay tuned for this month’s KI Live where we'll be celebrating Pirate101’s 6th birthday!


Puppet Pirates

Last month you voted on the best Puppet Pirates quote. Congrats to Pirate Seth for his quote being chosen!

Boochbeard: "Garrr! After 6 years of traveling with ya monkey, I should have got used to these kind of parties..."
~ Pirate Seth


Screenshot of the Month!

We’ve been getting a few more screenshots for Pirate101, which is hugely appreciated. Thank you so much for remembering to send your awesome shots to community@pirate101.com so we can share them with the rest of our fans on Facebook.

This month’s winner goes to Edward Lifegem with this screenshot in the final dungeon of Valencia Part 2 in the Machine Control Room! Edward was in a fierce battle with Kane’s Guard, a bunch of Battle Angels, and Armada Musketeers:

Thanks for sending us this great screenshot!


Fan Art Spotlight!

We’d love to see more fan art in our community inbox! If you have an original work based around Pirate101, please send it to us at community@pirate101.com.

This month’s fan art spotlight goes to Payton Moone, who drew this magnificent image of ‘Her Grace’:

Thanks for this fun piece of fan art and for proudly declaring, “The Pirate’s Life is For Me!” If you feel the same way, we’d love to see more fan art from you!


What's Up In the Community?

Flash33 showcased four companions that he thought were the oddest companions in the game.

With the new Fall Season of PvP, Stephanie Dawnheart explored what there is to be excited about.

DeDuncanStuff shared his many strategies for gaining nautical XP more quickly.

With the exciting new September update, many Pirates around the Spiral explored what it had to offer:

Also, the unaffiliated-with-KingsIsle “Community Newsletter” had a great selection of Pirate101-related links this month from around the web. NOTE: Be sure to visit and follow their Twitter page for more information. To subscribe to their newsletter, send a Direct Message to them over Twitter inquiring to be added or email them at community.newsletter.101@gmail.com. You can unsubscribe at any time by sending them an email with the phrase “UNSUB”

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