Pirate101 Monthly Newsletter


November 2020

Halloween Contest Winners

BOO! Congrats to the winners of the 2020 Halloween Decorating Contest! There were so many great entries this year! Without further ado, drum roll please! And the winners are...

5 Grand Ghouls: 30,000 Crowns + Megabat Mount goes to:

Tyrone Moone

“Celebrating Halloween with old scratch and his ghost buddies!” - Tyrone Moone

Skinny Stede Ohlen

“This is my Spooky Foggy Shrine Bunkhouse, It's quite the scary place to enjoy your free time with your friends and a bunch of yum bottles and sweet pumpkins freshly cooked in the Spook-Cauldron.” - Skinny Stede Ohlen

Sly Dustin Spinnaker

“Something special about this pirate space is that it's owned by an evil dragon lady.” - Sly Dustin Spinnaker

Brave Amy Jordan

“My Pirate’s bunker with her collection of antiques from all over the spiral!” - Braze Amy Jordan


“This is the classroom of Mr. Darius Von June. He teaches students about everything and anything that involves skeletons and is spooky.” - Darius

5 Honorable Zombies: 10,000 Crowns goes to:

Honest Alexander Templeton

“This is my character, Honest Alexander Templeton. I went for a mysterious look for my pirate, with the mix of the trenchcoat and of course the hoodoo hat. I employed mainly Dragonspyre and Grizzleheim set pieces (which I one day hope to visit in Pirate!) in my background!” - Honest Alexander Templeton

Golden Logan

“The background behind it is my pirate (Golden Logan) has risen from the dead in his burial ground to celebrate Pirate's 8th Birthday for the month!” - Golden Logan

Faithful Mariah Nightingale

“As you enter the witchdoctor's bunkhouse, you get a spooky feeling in the dark room. The spooky cauldron boils her pirate blood and her magic can make crystals move from a foot away. In the shadow, she likes to play the piano. She lights up the room with candles and lamps yet lights up your mood by giving you a seat to enjoy some tea. Her face looks at you and she says, ‘I hope that you had a good Halloween.’” - Faithful Mariah Nightingale

Dark Eric Pew

“Dark Eric Pew is a very powerful witchdoctor and his monstrous companions are helping him to get to El Dorado, but right now they are in Eric's dorm which looks like a cave, not just for Halloween but for their cold needs.” - Dark Eric Pew

Unfair Jonathan Thatcher

“You can guess but you can never truly know what creeps and spooks lurk around the corner especially if it's on Halloween, or in this case... a tunnel with a creepy pirate floating in the air and spooky eyes behind it.” - Unfair Jonathan Thatcher

Thanks to all participants for making this contest fun for the community! Visit the Wizard101 Newsletter to see which Wizards won in their side of the contest!


Karamelle for Wizard101 is now on Test Realm! We played through the first couple of quests to wet your appetite for all the sweets to come. Several guests joined us on the show as well, including community member and art aficionado, Mia!

If you also enjoy playing Wizard101, you are going to want to tune in to the show, now available to watch on YouTube:

Secret Reader Bonus - As of this newsletter's announcement, for those who didn't get a chance to redeem the KI Live giveaway code yet, we opened it up again (HALLOWEENTREATS2020) for another 500 redemptions!

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Join Our Extra Life Team!

Congrats, Extra Life Wizards! Together with the community we raised over $12,000 and counting! While the award window has closed, we are keeping our Extra Life page open through the rest of the year to keep on going.

Thanks for your participation!

As a thank you, we will be awarding direct team contributors that raise a sufficient amount for our team with the following items from both Pirate101 and Wizard101:

The community is also planning livestream events on the weekend of Nov 7th. Stay tuned to our social media channels as community activities are announced! If you plan to stream for extended periods of time, please read these Extra Life Streaming Guidelines.

After this Extra Life weekend concludes on Nov 8th, please allow several days for us to organize and send out rewards. We will be contacting you directly via email.


Congrats Honest Abe, your quote was chosen for Puppet Pirates #96!

Gandry: "See captain, we’re still here after 8 years!”

~ Honest Abe


Congrats to the Grand Pirate101 Champsionship Finalists with Dante taking first place! The event began several months ago in May and culminated into a great series of finals. Thanks to Final Bastion and supporters for putting this community event together!


For this month’s screenshot spotlight, Trustworthy Tyler Kidd submitted this one to us of her always trusthworthy (and adorable) panda mount:

Capture an amazing screenshot like a magnificent sunset or a monster about to eat your ship and send it to us at community@pirate101.com. We’re always interested in showing off more art, gameplay guides, and other content!

Thanks, Pirates!

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