Pirate101 Monthly Newsletter


Happy Holidays in Skull Island Style

Thank you for celebrating Thanksgiving with us in Pirate101! It was a very “shiny” season for us as the Crystal Unicorns came to the Crown Shop. We also held our annual Best of the Best Sale and brought back the Thanksgiving Harvest items for your decorating needs.

December promises to be a festive month as well with our 12 Days of the Spiral celebration, which will bring prizes, discounts, and a lot of holiday fun. Also note that the first day of winter happens on December 21st, so get ready for a new season of PvP!

So read on for more information about Pirate101 and be sure to check out the links that have been shared with us this past month. As a reminder, we’d love to see your screenshots from this holiday season, so be sure to send us your favorite moments to community@pirate101.com so that we can share them with all of the community on our Pirate101 Facebook page.


Rogue's Galleyr: Kobe Yojimbo

Most Pirates already know a lot about their faithful sidekicks they “grew up” with, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t find time to spotlight the “MooShu Five” for our Rogue’s Gallery. This month’s spotlight is on Kobe Yojimbo, every Buccaneer’s first companion.

Subject: Kobe Yojimbo

Home: MooShu (exiled)

Weapon of Choice: Katana

Occupation: Samoorai Adventurer

Kobe was the youngest of five sons born to the mighty Samoorai Daiushi Yojimbo. The merciless teasing of his older brothers drove him to try even harder at his lessons, and by the time he came of age Kobe was a cultured poet as well as a deadly swordsman. Being at the bottom of the line for succession, Kobe sought another lord to pledge his service to when disaster struck: in the middle of the night a horde of Samoorai swept through Yojimbo castle, killing his family and destroying everything. Kobe himself was arrested and learned to his horror that his father was guilty of plotting to assassinate the emperor himself! General Tso has been given the honor of killing the traitor and destroying his clan. Kobe stood in judgement before Lord Chagatai, who showed mercy – there was no evidence linking Kobe to the plot. Kobe was exiled, and wandered far from MooShu, a masterless Ronin.

Kobe had many adventures across the Spiral, but his luck ran out in Valencia, where he ran afoul of a treacherous merchant lord and end up arrested by the Armada. His clockwork captors had many questions about the defenses of MooShu, and especially about General Tso. Kobe refused to answer, and so was consigned to rot in an Armada prison ship. There, and entirely new chapter of his tale was to begin…



Hybrids: No more "Sting" of Defeat!

Riffing off the hints given by Decius on KI Live, players were able to successfully discover the Stingaloon! That is indeed what you get when you successfully combine a Golden Stingtail with a Silver Buffaloon. Well done, Pirates! Enjoy your new hybrid and stay on the hunt.


Puppet Pirates!

Boochbeard: "I think I can live without those Crockogater boots, Monkey."
Gandry: "Good call, Captain."
By Noble Blaine Bellamy

Who will caption the next Puppet Pirates? Stay tuned to our Facebook page to enter your caption on the next Puppet Pirates.


Fall into the Beat with the Fans of Pirate101!

There’s always something to talk about in Pirate101, and we’re happy so many of you are willing to share your thoughts, feelings, and ideas with us. Here are a few great posts and videos from last month that we were happy to see.

Pirate101’s Facebook page now has over 37,000 likes! Thank you so much for all your support.

Here’s a post that could use some attention! Do you have any great tips to share on how to survive as a Buccaneer in PvP?

Duelist101 has an interesting article where they dissect how Puppet Shows from Pirate101 can give greater insights on the Spiral as a whole. What are your thoughts?

Onward to Marleybone! Blaze and Blue finished up MooShu on their walkthrough of Pirate101.

KvExperiences wins Baar from a lucky Grizzly Beast Booster Pack and showcases the companion.

Ever wondered which companions would be best for taking on the Hydra? These posters on Pirate101 Central had some great suggestions.

The Diabolical Musketeer shows off the power of Overwatch 5.

Blade of Night reminds us what to do “. . . when it's Thanksgiving but you forgot to bring the turkey”

The Untold Spiral talks about five things to be thankful for in Wizard101 and Pirate101.

Happy Birthday, Ratbeard!

Thank you all for your Happy Thanksgiving messages and thoughts. We’re happy you appreciated our gift to you all.

Be sure to appreciate and salute your Veterans!

What’s your favorite house in Pirate101?

Which companion’s personality is your favorite?

Lenora Ironside drew a great comic where her crew told her about a “mutiny.”

Don’t miss this cool Halloween ship ideas from the winners of Edward LifeGem’s contest.

Congratulations go to Melissa DarkSong for winning Kane’s mask, featured on KI Live.

Craftbox counts down his top 10 Spookiest Places in Pirate101.


Vadima’s Visions: Wizards to Pirates

Hello Pirates! I am so very happy to see you again! Remember that you may always come visit me and request to peer into my crystal ball on the official Message Boards for Pirate101.

This month, Average Moe, who certainly is more than just an average Pirate, has asked a very intriguing question, “Of all the people who play both Wizard and Pirate101, what correlations are there with class choices here and school choices there. Do storm wizards play more musketeers, swashbucklers, or what?”

Hmmm. That is not an easy question to answer as many players have many different characters in both games, and it can be very difficult for Vadima to know if a certain class is truly a player’s “chosen class.” I’m a soothsayer, not a mind reader! Regardless . . . I think I may have an idea. Peer into the crystal ball with me.

Hmmmm . . . yes, do you see the colors of the classes swirling around? I think the magic is beginning to work. Hmmmm . . . too much noise. Let us tune the amps of my Crystal Ball to “50.” Yes! There we go. For characters who made it to level 50 before any other characters on an account in either Wizard101 and Pirate101, there does appear to be a certain dance to the colors. Here is my translation:

  • Storm wizards are more likely to be Swashbucklers, followed by Musketeers and Buccaneers
  • Myth wizards are more likely to be Musketeers or Witchdoctors
  • Life wizards are more likely to be Privateers or Witchdoctors
  • Ice wizards tend to favor Swashbucklers over all others
  • Fire wizards are more likely to be Swashbucklers or Buccaneers
  • Death wizards are more likely to be Witchdoctors or Buccaneers
  • Balance wizards, unsurprisingly, are the most balanced, but very slightly favor Privateers and Musketeers.

. . . and the visions fade . . . Thank you for your very interesting question, Average Moe! That was a challenging puzzle to decipher, but one that gives us some interesting insights.

I shall see you next time, Pirates. See you on the Message Boards!