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Ahoy, Pirates!

Are you aware? Did you hear? The newest newsletter is here! We have stories that'll blow your ships clean in half, so be prepared! The Pirate team is expanding, the crowd favorite NPC has earned their Crown, and your favorite pig was animated by a friendly Pirate on Twitter!

Now on to the news!

The Spiral Showdown Concludes

After just over two months we finally have the answer to most important question in all of Pirate101. Which NPC would get the most votes in a popularity contest held on Twitter and Discord? Well Pirates, we have the answer. It's Ratbeard! Thanks to everyone that participated, and if you missed out dont worry. We'll be giving you plenty of more options to arbitrarily vote on different Pirate101 topics.

Another Unobtainable Item

Recently while spawning fights for players during a testing session, Hawkules discovered an item that, like Kanes’ Robes, exists but is unobtainable to players. What item shares the stage with the gloriousness that is Kanes’ robes? LO PAN'S mustache, of course! Gaze and be in awe at its glory!

A New Developer Has Appeared

Kingsisle has hired more developers to keep the good times going! This group of new folks includes a dedicated developer for new playable content in Pirate101. They're still getting up to speed here at the office, so we won't share too many details yet. Keep an eye out for the next KI Live though!


In our last episode, we featured two of the most prominent devs in the Spiral! You ask Artie and Ratbeard your most hard-hitting design questions! Pirates looking to play their favorite fights should be on the lookout for Isleplays, as Hawkules is spawning fights from all around the spiral. Keep an eye on the Pirate101 Twitter to learn when the next stream will happen. Here's a link to our Twitter.


There are few pig legends in this world. Clownegade has given the one and only LEGENDARY Nina Pig a new animation! If you click the link to see this animation, we highly recommend checking out the rest of their profile. They've made a couple versions of Ninja Pig, and we cannot wait to see what they do next. Check out their animation test here!


Keep updated on what’s happening in the community right here in our community news section! For every newsletter, we receive direct from the community links to new gameplay guides, exciting upcoming contests, and much more. Thanks to the following fansites and other community leaders for their contributions this month!

There is a channel quickly gaining steam, and it's Fang! Just Fang. He's making videos, and even better thumbnails, so let's go give him a watch and a like! Check out his channel here.

Are you making content/memes and need a very specific clip from Pirate101? You could record it yourself, but the pros know about Caz101. This account has been clipping oddly specific parts of Pirate101 for MONTHS and is showing no sigs of slowing down. What a LEGEND.Click here for the channel!

There are many artists in this world. One you have the opportunity to shower with love is Runa aka @astorytellersoul on instagram. You're currently looking at her custom drawn companion for Pirate101 that's based off an OC character of hers. If you're a part of the Pirate101 Discord, you will also notice two new emotes that she made. Thanks, Runa! Click here for their Instagram!

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