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PvP de Mayo!

Welcome to May 2018 in Pirate101! We hope you’re busy earning your Spring PvP Pets and having fun in Practice Ship PvP. (If you’ve never checked out Ship PVP, the first thing you’re going to want to do is read this great new guide from Duelist101: http://www.duelist101.com/other-p101-articles/pirate101-ship-pvp-guide-beginners-course/) We’re also going to hold our annual “Pirates De Mayo” celebration this year as well. Stay tuned for more details.

As for April in Pirate101, there were some interesting things that happened:

  • For April Fool’s Day we introduced everyone to the Ball-N-Chain Mount.
  • We had a 50% off CCG packs sale – it’s was a good time to get all your missing pack companions!
  • Mount-a-Palooza let our players grab some killer mounts with some killer deals. We hope you also liked our new fairy wing mounts!

Also in April we launched a new type of pre-paid card that can currently only be found in a test market in the Kroger stores in Northern Texas. We’re not quite ready to launch these cards across all of the United States, but if all goes well with our test market, you’ll probably see more of these in stores soon. These cards come with Crowns as usual, but also a new type of totem power that increases the power of your pets in battle. We’ll talk more about this when it’s available, but soon you may see these new powers being used on a battlefield near you. Don’t be surprised when you see a pet with a new aura in combat!

Thanks for playing Pirate101! Read on for more fun with fans and our regular articles.


Rogue's Gallery: Iago

Last month on KI Live we celebrated everything Unicorn! We thought, why not keep that going and do a fun spotlight on an oft-forgotten powerhouse companion named Iago. Privateers will automatically add Iago to their team during their adventures, but he also unlocks for other players in the Crown Shop. Read on for a closer look at the lore behind this scandalous Unicorn Pirate.

Name: Iago

Home: Skull Island (by way of Valencia)

Weapons: Twin blades of Valencian steel

Occupation: Renegade pirate

Son of a wealthy merchant family in Valencia, Iago was a born sailor – by the time he was eighteen he was first mate on a merchant schooner. When the war with Polaris came, he happily volunteered to fight and won acclaim in several battles before the Valencian Fleet was abolished in favor of the Armada.

Ordered to return home, Iago refused. The brash Unicorn struck off on his own and made his way to Skull Island. Iago found piracy even more appealing than regular naval service: he smuggled spices, ran blockades, attacked Polarian shipping, and earned quite a reputation as a pirate.

A lost ship put him in debt to the Rat gangs of Scrimshaw, and Iago became the chief smuggler and enforcer of Dick Deadeye, the Rat kingpin of Skull Island. Unhappy in the Rats' service, Iago longed to sail the skies and seek adventure again. And then he met a Pirate who made all that possible...



Puppet Pirates

"Get the new April Fool's mount" they said. "It'll be FUN!" they said....
~ Golden Christina


Screenshot of the Month!

Don’t forget to send us your great screenshots each month! Attach them in an email to community@pirate101.com and it could end up being featured as our Screenshot of the month!

This month’s screenshot comes from a pirate named Iridian who showed us all the colors of the rainbow in Pirate101!

You and your friends really showed off the full spectrum of pirates there, didn’t you!? Thanks for sending us this awesome shot.


Fan Art Spotlight!

We simply can’t get enough fan art of Pirate101! Send us your latest creations to community@pirate101.com and you may see it shown off here in our Pirate101 Newsletter.

This month’s Fan Art Spotlight goes to an artist knows as “Lunar Light” aka Alura Nightingale, Level 70 Buccaneer. Alura sent us three great pictures of the Armada Elite, and we’ll be uploading all of them to Facebook soon, but we had to show you this great take on Kane.

Awesome fan art, Alura! We can’t wait to see more of your work in the future. Thanks for sharing!


From Silly Parties to Good Gifting Etiquette!

Every day there’s something new to read on our Pirate101 Message Boards! Come join in the discussion. We’d love to hear your thoughts. Here are a few interesting posts that caught our attention last month: