Pirate101 Monthly Newsletter


April 2019

Spring in the Spiral is Here!

April showers bring May flowers! This is certainly true in Texas right now with our beautiful Bluebonnets sprouting up across the state. Just as pretty, and perhaps more so, was the new Spring Flower Mount that we added in the game in March:

Last month we had a blast celebrating St. Patricks Day. Who’s got the Musketeer Crystal Unicorn Mount, Crokagator Pet, or the Haunted Grotto House (Bat Masterson’s favorite items of the month)? Have a look below at what all happened, and also be sure to read the Community News section at the end for more new from the community!

A quick look back at March's activities and items:

  • New Luck of the Green Turtle Pet
  • Celebrating International Women’s Day (Mar. 8)
  • Pillow Fight event!
  • Happy St. Patrick’s Day!
  • Puppet Pirates #77 – Scrimshaw!
  • New Spring Flower Mount and return of past Spring items

Let us know what you have planned in the community for the month ahead. As always, keep updated daily on the latest news for next month on Twitter and Facebook!

Spring Decorating Contest Winners!

Congrats to the winners of the Spring Decorating Contest! We had so many amazing entries, it was once again another tough call on which homes were recognized. Here is the top winner of the Video category:

Visit Facebook to see the screenshot gallery! For winner prize and other contest details, see the main contest announcement.

KI Live Livestream with Bat Masterson & Professor Falmea

We celebrated this month’s Spring Festival on KI Live and added many news friends in both Wizard101 and Pirate101! Watch the show on KingsIsle’s YouTube channel below:

A Pirate101 tip from this month’s KI Live comes from community member Willowydream:

“You can train your Pets or collect from Companions on tasks while your ship is sailing the windlanes - just be careful if there's a sharp turn to steer for!”

For more videos and recorded livestreams, be sure to subscribe to KingsIsle's YouTube channel!

Zone of the Month: Flotsam

With our previous newsletters we talked a lot about the diverse characters in the game. Now we want to explore the zones you all know and love!

We started this new spotlight with covering the ever-popular central hub of Skull Island, and now this month we're journeying forth onward to Flotsam! This area happens to be where our community manager, Bat Masterson, left off on his questing journeys last month. He’ll have another Pirate101 stream soon to pick up from this location!

Name: Flotsam


Flotsam dominates Flotsam skyway, in the world of Skull Island.


One of the most breathtaking sights in Skull Island, Flotsam is a massive artificial island made from the hulls of countless ships lashed and bolted together, creating a city of gangways, decks, and masts. The city has no recognized ruler: Flotsam is neutral ground, a trading port where pirates and travelers from all over can meet and trade on neutral ground.


It’s said that some unknown figure secretly rules Flotsam from the shadows. Not even One-Eyed Jack can make a good guess - he certainly denies it’s him...

Don’t Miss This Side Quest!!

A Chill Wind, given by Charlie Kennit in the Black Spot, starts an entire chain of quests.

Who’s That Boss?

Ratfink, a particularly smarmy Wharf Rat, makes his lair in Flotsam. You can meet him in Humbug! Ratbeard’s third promotion quest.

Behind the Dev Process:

Very early in the visualization of Skull Island there had been the idea of a Sargasso-sea area, a floating mass of vines that had ensnared several ships. As the idea grew, so did the number of ships – eventually the need for the weeds fell away, and Flotsam became a huge mass of wrecked ships.

Which area in Pirate101 should we spotlight for March? Let us know by tweeting your suggestion @Pirate101 or by emailing community@Pirate101.com!

Puppet Pirates

Last month you voted on a funny or witty new Puppet Pirates quote. Congrats to Noble Kevin Sharp for his quote being chosen for Puppet Pirate #77 this month!

Boochbeard: "It's a small world after all Gandry!" ~ Noble Kevin Sharp

Get in on the fun by watching Twitter and Facebook for this next month's Puppet Pirate reveal!

Fan Screenshot of the Month

This month’s screenshot spotlight goes to Reliable Chris Young, seen here preparing to sail over to Golden Fin Tavern in Jonah Town (Skull Island):

Fan Art Spotlight

We have some truly amazing talent in the community, wow! Here is a drawing of Alex Moon’s friend, Ryan Battlesword, seen here holding up how many ships he has sailing the skyways. They have both been Pirates for 7 years!

Thanks for sending in your screenshots and artwork! We want to see even more great works from the game's fans for next month’s newsletter.

Do you have something to share? Send it to us in an email to community@pirate101.com. We’re always interested in showing off more fan art, gameplay guides, and other content.

Community News

Ger ready for another fun-filled Community Fan Festival this coming April 13-14! There will be a range of activities for all members of the community to get involved in, so make sure you save the date!

Final Bastion shared features that are unique to Pirate101.

Jack on The Dragonspyre Pirate shared his tips and tricks to housing and decorating.

For the St. Patrick’s Day festivities, Kyle IceWielder talked about the Save Green on Green sale.

Final Bastion did a spotlight on two skills including Surge of Technomancy and Hurl Blades.

Ravenwood Academy listened in on the “Monquistan Choir” for their next musical adventure.

Final Bastion decided to take a deeper look at the companion Baar.

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