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Raise Your Spirits This Holiday Season!

Looking for some fun this holiday season?! Then set your sites on Pirate101’s Yuletide festivities this season! Be on the lookout for the 12 Days of the Spiral (13 if you’re lucky, Pirate). This grand occasion only occurs once a year with new loot to plunder, new deals to score, and always with a batch of special codes to raise your spirits!

Last month was pretty special in Pirate101. We had a big sale on Gear and Weapons in the Crown Shop, a Veteran’s Day giveaway, and plenty of fall-season themed items for you to purchase for your pirate and their home. What’s more, you need to make sure you’ve entered the code “2017thankyougift” before the end of the year! That code is our special thanks to all our players and redeems for two energy potions in Pirate101 so you can train up your pets!

Read on for more great information and regular articles about Pirate101.


Rogue’s Gallery: Duck Holliday

This month’s Rogue’s Gallery showcases the final companion from the Magnificent Seven . . . Duck Holliday. Musketeers get Duck as a companion during Cool Ranch, but all players can unlock him in the Crown Shop. You learn a lot about Duck and the Magnificent Seven, but how much do we really know about the huckleberry behind the *koff* *koff*? Read on for more insights into the background of Duck Holliday.

Subject: Duck Holliday

Home: Tumbleweed, Cool Ranch

Weapon of choice: Twin spark-shooters

Occupation: Former dentist.

Hank Holliday, known to his friends as “Duck,” worked as a dentist Back East before contracting a chronic lung disease. Hoping a hot, dry climate would ease his symptoms, Holliday migrated to Cool Ranch, taking up residence in the town of Tumbleweed. Sadly, chickens and ducks have little need for a dentist, and Holliday fell upon hard times.

One fateful day while languishing in the saloon, Duck was surprised to find himself in the middle of a brawl. He unwittingly tripped a Bronco desperado just as the bandit was taking aim at none other than Wyatt Chirp himself. Wyatt was much obliged to Duck for saving his life, and deputized him on the spot.

In the years that followed Holliday took quite a shine to enforcing the law, and the satisfaction his adventures gave him helped keep his health from deteriorating. Duck was a pillar of the Magnificent Seven until Wyatt Chirp’s tragic death. The precise circumstances are still unknown, but Billy the Kid blamed Duck for Wyatt’s death, and their feud drove the gang apart. Duck returned to Tumbleweed and resigned himself to a quiet life... until a young pirate darkened his door.



Puppet Pirates

Boochbeard: “Fire at will!”
Gandry: “Wait, which one's Will?”
~ Golden Luke Dove

Who will caption the next Puppet Pirates? Stay tuned to our Facebook page to enter your caption on the next Puppet Pirates.


Screenshot of the Month!

We love receiving your screenshots every month. Thank you for sending them to us at community@pirate101.com. Don’t be shy! Just send us your three best pictures every month, and you may end up being featured as our Screenshot of the Month.

This month’s screenshot of the month comes from Captain Logan West. Logan tweeted to us during our recent KI Live that he was most thankful for simply being a pirate. We couldn’t agree more! Thanks for playing as a pirate here on Pirate101!

For more tips, check out this blog post with helpful screen shot hints. Don’t forget to press Control+G before you snap your picture!


Fan Art Spotlight

You know what’s great about Pirate101 Fan Art? Everything! We especially love showing off your creativity to everyone else who also loves Pirate101! If you like Pirate101 and drawing, consider this your open invitation to send us your labors of love to community@pirate101.com. We’re always looking for more!

This character art comes from NyraMyra, who started playing Pirate101 about 10 months ago and fell in love with the game!

The characters NyraMyra has drawn are Merciless Travis Collins and Silver Liam Collins. Thank you so much for sending us your art.


Discover all Pirate101 Has to Offer!

The best part about Pirate101 is its loyal and friendly fan base. If you’re feeling like jumping in to the community, perhaps one of these threads from our Official Message Boards last month would be a great place to start. Come say hi and join in the discussion:

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Congratulations to crimsonreaper5 on Wizard101 Central for acquiring all pack companions!