Pirate101 Media & Game Reviews


Pirate101 Media & Game Reviews

Everyone is excited about Pirate101! There is something for everyone in Pirate101. Different levels of gamers will enjoy the cool ship to ship combat and beautiful new worlds in our free Pirate games.

Browse the game press excerpts below or click to read the full article - either way we hope they give you an idea about the family friendly entertainment that is Pirate101!


National Talk Like a Pirate Day returns as Pirate101 opens to all

"The official day during which it's 100 percent acceptable to belt out "yarrgh" or "aye, matey" gets a second chance today. The team behind family MMO hit Wizard101, KingsIsle Entertainment, has released its next major free-to-play MMO for all to enjoy: Pirate101. The game is based in the same Wizard101 universe but with a decidedly different strategy-focused play style." Read Games.com Article »

The Daily Grind: Would you welcome more games with turn-based combat?

"But that's not the only way to manage a game engine. Pirate101 is embracing turn-based combat, allowing players more time to plan moves and consider options. Other games have played in the turn-based waters before, but they've always been quieter titles." Read Massively Article »

Battle for the high skies: Hands-on with Pirate101

"Such is life in Pirate101, a family-oriented MMO created by KingsIsle Entertainment and due to launch today. Placing you in the role of a young pirate at the beginning of his or her quest for glory, Pirate101 asks you to carve your own path, gather cunning crewmembers, and discover the hidden mysteries of The Spiral (a fantasy world the game shares with smash hit Wizard101)." Read Massively Article »

KingsIsle plans second game release this month

"Game maker KingsIsle Entertainment Inc. plans to release its second game this month.

The Plano-based company, which operates its development studio in Austin, plans a limited launch of its Pirate101 game and market game cards in retail stores on Oct. 8, KingsIsle officials announced." Read Austin Business Journal Article »

Aaargh! KingsIsle Entertainment’s Pirate101 online game world to launch as early as Oct. 8

"Pirate101 is a free-to-play experience set in a fantasy universe where players can build their own ships and staff them with their friends as crew members. The title has been in the works for three years, and it is one of the major new game launches of the year on any platform." Read Gamesbeat Article »

Shiver Me Timbers! Pirate101 Has A Launch Date

"Pirate101 is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game where players become swashbuckling pirates, assemble a crew, captain a ship, and explore exotic worlds in search of plunder and glory. When it is released to the general public on October 15, the game will be free to download and play, but users will have to purchase a monthly subscription or spend “crowns,” KingsIsle’s virtual currency, to access certain locations." Read Forbes Article »

Our Exclusive Pirate101 Interview With KingsIsle Entertainment

"He described the Pirate101 universe as a little more “shady” and its characters a little more individualistic than Wizard101. “Wizard101 is more Luke Skywalker, Pirate101 is more Han Solo.” How KingsIsle managed to keep the game a secret for so long was also a mystery that boggled many gamers’ minds, and their answer to the question reveals an aspect of their marketing strategy that’s very much unlike most every other MMO company out there." Read Gamebreaker Interview »

Wizard101 fansite owner hired to be Pirate101's community manager

"As that transition from fan to employee is always a fascinating transformation, we recognize that it's not an easy decision. Massively itself has raised a handful of MMO community managers, so this news is particularly of interest to us. For that reason, we tracked Tom down and asked him some questions about his new role at KingsIsle. Follow along below for the complete interview." Read Massively Interview »

Swashbucklers, ships, and high seas hijinks: KingsIsle talks Pirate101

"There are many things about Pirate101 that will feel familiar to Wizard101 fans, but the game has several features that definitely make it stand apart as more than just a sequel. Combat is not card-based; it's more like a tactical board game. Companions, rather than trading cards, play a key role in the pirate arsenal, and of course, players will be traveling (and fighting!) on their very own pirate ships." Read Massively Interview »

KingsIsle Announces Pirate101

"Players in Pirate101 assume the role of buccaneers searching for plunder and glory; they assemble a crew, captain their own ship, and explore exotic worlds. Pirate101 is currently in closed alpha testing, but KingsIsle says the game will launch later this year." Read Forbes Article »

KingsIsle announces follow-up to ‘Wizard101’: ‘Pirate101’

"KingsIsle, a private company, has about 20 employees in Plano in addition to its 220 in Austin and is continuing to hire staff as it ramps up projects. The company has not revealed what other games its working on, but has hinted that it wants to expand into more so-called “persistent” gaming experiences, games that can be played anywhere, on devices including cell phones and tablets. “Pirate101,” like the previous game, will be free to play."

First wizards, now pirates for online game maker

"The games are free to play. KingIsle Entertainment, which is based in Plano, Texas, makes money by charging fees for optional, virtual items that enhance game play. That strategy has proven lucrative for the newest generation of game companies, notably Zynga Inc., whose games are played mainly on Facebook." Read Huffington Post Article »

Pirate101 Mixes Swashbuckling and Shining Force

"Experience with Wizard101 is by no means essential to the new adventure, but being familiar with the races, backstories, and folklore that have been established over the past four years will certainly make the game more rewarding for longtime fans. "We had two clear goals in the creation of this game," says Coleman. "The first was that the existing Wizard base needs to love the new thing," he explains, "and then our second goal was to age it up a bit to open up the idea to more people."" Read Gamespot Article »

Pirate101 Officially Announced

"The game will allow players to captain their own customizable flying pirate ship to explore the skyways, along with the ability to form pirate crews. A new battle system has been introduced, which takes nods from the classic Shining Force games." Read IGN Article »

KingsIsle Entertainment Announces Pirate101

"KingsIsle Entertainment has revealed a new game soon to be making its way to the skies above with Pirate101. The pirate-themed game will allow players to take to the sky to explore lost lands in their own customizable flying pirate ship to find hidden treasure as a Buccaneer, Witchdoctor, Privateer, Swashbuckler or a Musketeer." Read Ten Ton Hammer Article »

Wizard101 Developer: New Title Pirate101 Closed Alpha Test in Process

"Today, KingsIsle Entertainment formally revealed the exciting online world of Pirate101. The new game delivers heart-pounding, swashbuckling excitement as players take the helm of their very own pirate ships and pursue a storyline of epic adventure filled with intrigue and mystery." Read MMOSite Article »

The creators of Wizard101 set sail for the high seas

"But more importantly to budding brigands, the game looks like a lot of fun. Players can roam between nations and pirate realms as a Buccaneer, Musketeer, Privateer, Swashbuckler or Witchdoctor aboard customizable ships with unique pirate flags. Companions with unique fighting styles and special abilities can be recruited, trained and improved as they increase in levels, and players can even join powerful pirate crews or create their own with family and friends." Read Gamezebo Article »

Kid-friendly MMO Pirate101 announced by makers of Wizard101

"Gamer daddies and mommas have had a longtime ally in KingsIsle, the dev studio behind Wizard101, which has been one of the most entertaining kid-friendly MMOs out there for several years. Just yesterday the studio announced their next offering, Pirate101, which trades in the card-game combat of Wizards for turn-based strategy and throws the whole thing in a pirate world where galleons fly among the stars." Read PC Gamer Article »

Pirates on deck for the Austin game studio behind 'Wizard101'

""Pirate101," like the previous game, will be free to play. The company makes money from game subscriptions to premium areas, which start at $6.95 a month, as well as "Crowns" sold online that allow players to access game zones and purchase virtual items. In the past year, "Wizard101" has expanded to China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau. It originally launched in 2008." Read Austin Statesman Article »

Wizard101 studio KingsIsle's new game counts on pirates for big-kid appeal

"In particular, KingsIsle wants Pirate101 to appeal to Wizard101's older players, who generally stop playing the kid-focused game when they're about 12 years old. With Pirate101's swashbuckling theme and tactical combat system, KingsIsle expects to keep those players around for a few more years." Read Gamasutra Article »

Arrggh: KingsIsle Entertainment unveils Pirate101 online game

"Wizard101 became a phenomenon in part because it piggybacked on the Harry Potter craze. In that game, kids could learn how to be wizards and play the online with their parents. The game has jokes aimed both at kids as well as adults. Howard believes the same audience will be the target for Pirate101, which will offer a vast pirate-themed universe for players to explore." Read Venturebeat Article »

Wizard101 creator announces new game: Pirate101

"Creative Director Todd Coleman thinks that this free-to-play title stretches the studio's imagination and reach: "We've created a world of treacherous pirates, faithful companions, tactical battles and gorgeous environments. Pirate101 fuses the key lessons we've learned from Wizard101 with entirely new design, setting and gameplay mechanics. We've succeeded in creating a game that is very different from Wizard101, but remains comfortable and familiar." Read Massively Article »

Pirate101: World Premier Preview

"Pirate 101 is all about the choices that players make. Unlike Wizard 101 where they were part of the schools and had infinite potential, Pirate 101 takes a much more “choice based” story approach. Pirate 101 gives players options when choosing what to do in the different scenarios you uncover. Most of all, you are in the game to acquire a Pirate crew for your ship and also help you in combat. The crew is really the core of the game and act kind of like your deck did in Wizard 101. You won’t be assigned people based on some arbitrary progression. You’ll have to make your own choices on who and what you want." Read MMORPG Article »