Pirate Party Planning!


You're Invited to a Pirate Party!

Your child loves playing Pirate101, and their birthday is coming up - so why don't you throw them a Pirate101 birthday party with our Pirate party planning guide? Parties where kids play Pirates games can be cost effective and bring elements of a digital Pirate101 world to life for the Pirate in your family!

If you want to throw a Pirate101 party, try our Pirate party planning tips. We've put together some inspiration and hints to bring a little adventure to your celebration!

Pirate Party Invitation Templates

We have some Pirate party invitation templates for you to use! You can either use a program like Microsoft Word or PowerPoint to add your own text to the invitation, or print them out and write them by hand.

Click on the invitation you want below, save the image to your computer and print. We recommend printing on card stock, but any kind of paper will work!