Pirate Party Planning!


Decorate for a Pirate Party!

There are a lot of ways to dress up a party for some Pirate fun! With a mix of real life Pirate elements and our Pirate101 party downloads, you can have an amazing Pirate101 party in no time.

DIY Pirate Party Decorations

  • Get a bag of sand from your local craft store to put in the center of your table (with plastic underneath!) and place shells in the sand
  • Put a secret message for the birthday Pirate in an empty bottle for a message in a bottle!
  • Hang an old fishing net (or netted fabric) from the roof, trees or furniture in the house
  • Spray paint a shoe box brown and fill the bottom with newspaper. Cover the newspaper with golden chocolate coins for an edible sunken treasure!
  • Decorate with streamers and balloons in dark purple, black and gold

Pirate101 Letters for Party Banners

Want to spell our your Pirate's name in the Pirate101 branded font? We have full page size letters available to download. To make a banner, print out the letters you want, color them in, and string together to make a custom Pirate101 party banner!

Click on the letters you would like to open up the file in a new window.


Pirate Party Masks

Each one of our five Pirate classes has its own mask. For your party, print out these masks for your Pirate partygoers to play with!

Click on the mask you would like below to open the file in a new window. To make these print outs into a mask, simply cut out the "Cut" eye holes and tape a Popsicle stick to the mask. For a sturdier mask, print on card stock paper.