The Art Behind Pirate101


Concepts Behind Skull Island Characters

Characters tell a huge part of the story in Pirate101, and the images below help tell their story!

One of the first characters you'll meet is Captain Avery, Pirate Lord of Skull Island. A living legend among Pirates, Avery is moving from a long successful career of treasure gathering to a new, lofty goal. Captain Avery wants to transform Skull Island from a shady pirate haven into a new nation, a fully-fledged Pirate Republic the other powers of the Spiral will need to deal with as an equal. He'll need a lot of help...

Captain Avery Concept Art

Avery has a small army of pirates who help him govern Skull Island, including Bonnie Anne, a keen-eyed marksman and expert tracker. Anne's cheerful disposition and knack for getting the job done no matter the odds have made her one of Avery's most trusted associates.

Bonnie Ann Concept Art

The Spiral is full of pirate legends - and not all the great captains had a heart of gold. Captain Blood, scourge of the skyways, is one of the most feared pirates to ever take sail. According to some, Blood met his match years ago, though rumors out of Cool Ranch hint that the terrible pirate may be back...

Captain Blood Concept Art

The wastelands beyond the Imperial Border in MooShu are home to the Amber Horde, nomadic barbarians who are among the fiercest and bravest fighters in the Spiral. Subodai, exile of the Amber horde, is a mighty warrior who can become one of your pirate's most valued Companions.

Subodai Companion Concept Art

Out at the rim of the Spiral life is hard, and in recent months the number of dangerous incidents involving pirates has seen a steep rise.

Norville and the Pirates Concept Art

While most Pirates have never set eyes on a true wizard, they deal with their fair share of magic - especially HooDoo, the shady art practiced by Witchdoctors and tribal Shamans. A bewildering collection of tricks, hexes, and charms, HooDoo grants the power to curse enemies, see the unseen, and even raise or command the dead.

Undead Monkey Pirate Concept Art