The Art Behind Pirate101


Monquista Concept Art

Monquistans have a huge personality, which is clear in everything they do... including these images of their world and characters!

The infamous prison of Zenda stands on a barren rock hanging in Tierra Primata Skyway the heartlands of Monquista. A stout fortress is reputedly escape proof - indeed, nobody, it is said, has ever left alive without the King and Queen's permission. Given the endless political rivalries and intrigues that plague Monquista, one wonders if it's a good idea to have so many enemies of the Crown in one place...

Zenda Monquista Concept Art

The Great hall in the interior of Zenda, a place no Monquistan ever hopes to see. Prisoners come here to vanish, or else to have their controversial opinions "corrected" by the tender mercies of the Monquisition.

Great Hall Monquista Concept Art

But there is another side to Monquista: the immense wealth that has flowed into the barren realm from its colony in Skull Island has led to a flowering of art and literature. The Library of Saint Horace in Monquista City is a fine example not only of Monquistan learning and scholarship, but also the Monkey's wealth and taste.

Monquista Library Concept Art

His benevolent resplendency Fernando, the sixth of that name, King of Monquista and Skull Island, Overlord Protector of Marleybone and Aquila. At five years, Fernando's reign has been one of the longest in Monquistan history. The King's cunning and political savvy at manipulating the dozens of Noble Families is unmatched.

Monquista King Concept Art

Her transcendent sublimity Isadore, Queen of Monquista and Skull Island, Empress regent of Krokotopia, and Lady Protector of Polaris. Some say (though never loudly) she is the power behind the throne in Monquista, the secret source of many of the King's opinions and decisions. The fact that she is Fernando's fourth queen is never spoken of - neither are the Ex-Queens. Renowned for her manners and hospitality, Queen Isadore is beloved.

Monquista Queen Concept Art

Far from the bustling cities and elegant palaces, Monquista is an ancient, barren land, where dark secrets lurk in ancient caverns, and fabulous treasures await those daring enough to seek them.

Monquista Cavern Concept Art

Many legends surround the Monkey's paw, an infamous Holy Relic lost long ago. Where did the Paw go? What are its secrets? What powers will it grant to anyone brave (or foolish) enough to possess it?

Chamber of the Paw Concept Art

The Sacred Scrolls of the Holy Church recall a time long ago, before the rivers ran dry and the rains departed, when Monquista was a lush paradise. Now water is the most precious resource in the land. Unknown to many Monquistans, there are still places, deep underground, where deep pools and sunless lakes of water can still be found, holding wonders and hazards undreamed of...

Flooded Cave Concept Art