The Art Behind Pirate101


Cool Stuff for your Pirate

Characters tell a huge part of the story in Pirate101, and the images below help tell their story!

The skies of Cool Ranch are filled with striking and wondrous ships, from the steamships of the Birds and Frogs to the striking Sky Canoes of the Bison. This hunting galleon of the Big Sky Hunters bears the distinct coloring of its tribe and Captain's clan.

The distant realm of MooShu has yet to adopt the sparque buses and lightning muskets most other realms favor. Instead, the folk of MooShu still use Crossbows, no less dangerous for being old-fashioned. This Jade Dragon Crossbow, fashioned for a Khan of the Amber Horde, is a formidable weapon any Musketeer would be happy to carry into battle.

Rarest of the Sky Sharks, Hammerheads are also the smartest, and the easiest to tame. The Pirates of Skull Island cherish Hammerhead Mounts, who are all the more precious for being rare.

Ages ago, strange reptiles built the stone ruins that loom over the jungles of Skull Island. Though the Aztecosaurs are long gone, the rise of Monquista and the Pirate Clans has led to a steady flow of relics and artifacts out of the ruins. Many a pirate's home is decoration with mysterious remnants of a lost world.

The pirates of Skull Island aren't known for their artistry -but their weapons get the job done. Fine workshops and good materials are rare in Skull Island: pirates are far more likely to jury-rig a broken weapon or re-purpose a bit of junk than build something from scratch. The rough edges suit their outlook perfectly.

The people of MooShu are spiritual to their very core, following the teaching of the Moodha or meditating on the deepest mysteries of Caoism. Shrines are commonplace, and many of them hold statues of ancient Sages, like this one of the Peeking Duck, who help guide visitors' contemplation. These statues, often made of gold and studded with precious stones, are rich targets for smugglers and raiders. Many a pirate's lair features a statue like this.

Powerful spirits of wind and storm, the Ki-Rin "dragon horses" are among the most famous creatures of MooShu. Fierce and fast, these flying horses are prized as mounts all throughout the Spiral. In the skies of MooShu wild Ki-Rin still run free, and woe to any who try to catch them!

The weapons favored by the warrior monks and assassins of MooShu seem strange and exotic to the other peoples of the Spiral - these Tiger Claws are one such example. Sharp as any sword, they can only be utilized to their fullest by masters of Moojitsu.

Ever since the first pirate trained their trusty parrot, pets have been a key part of the pirate life. The pirates of the Spiral keep many kinds of pets, from the Jungle Iguanas of Skull Island to the rare Cool Ranch Jackalope. In addition to affection and fun, pets also offer pirates an edge: sometimes they'll go into battle beside their masters, fighting as a bonus ally.

The Buffaloon have roamed the skies of Cool Ranch forever, and the bison tribes have hunted them for generations, using every part of the Buffaloon to help them survive. When the Birds came to Cool Ranch, they tried to domesticate the beasts, with mixed results. Buffaloon are too wild to use as beasts of burden, though some can be tamed and used as trusty (if sleepy) mounts.

Skull Island's Skyways are filled with islands too small for a port or colony, but perfect for a pirate's lair. Successful pirates often build hidden strongholds on these islets, fashioning mansions out of ship debris and tunneling hidden vaults to store their treasure.

Great monuments like this one are found in many of the ancient ruins that dot the jungles of Skull Island. Some have speculated that the ancestors of the Troggies built these ruins, and that the statues depict the reptilian Gods of the savage frogs. Others are convinced that the monuments are in fact portraits of ancient kings, and that the ruins were built by a vanished race of terrible lizards...

These mighty weapons, from the Imperial Garrison in Hamamitsu, show the artistry and mastery of the weapon smiths of MooShu. As beautiful as they are deadly, these weapons were crafted with the finest materials and even magical enchantments. Very few weapons such as these have ever made their way from MooShu into the wider Spiral, but those that have are usually in the hands of pirates.

Pirate lairs come in all shapes and sizes, from humble refuges to sprawling fortresses. Appearances can be deceiving: you never know what kinds of hidden compartments or secret caves a pirate will add to their home to hide their treasure.