Pirate101: Online Safety - A Kid Safe Game

Captain Avery

Make Online Safety for Kids a Priority!

We at KingsIsle Entertainment take your privacy and safety very seriously when playing Pirate101 and participating in our online community. Below are rules, guidelines and discussion points about how to keep safe online, whether you're making a purchase, playing Pirate101, interacting with others, or surfing the net. Safe online gaming is one of our top priorities.

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Be a good sport and protect yourself and others! Everyone plays a part in keeping Pirate101 a free, safe online game.

Online Safety & Etiquette
Credit Card Safety
Game Safety & Etiquette

Online Safety & Etiquette

Catbeard Pirate

Keep yourself safe by keeping your personal information private.
Never give out any personal information online.

  • Your credit card (or your parent's credit card) could be stolen.
  • Your KingsIsle account could be hacked and deleted forever.
  • Your KingsIsle characters could be deleted forever.
  • You could be permanently banned from playing Pirate101.
  • Bad people can find you in real life.
  • Never tell anyone your account information.
  • Never tell anyone your password.
  • Never tell anyone your real name.
  • Never tell anyone your age.
  • Never tell anyone your location.
  • Never tell anyone your email address.
  • Never tell anyone your phone number.

More About Child Online Safety

To learn more about keeping your child safe online, here is a list of articles and websites that will encourage discussion and provide more tips and information.