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Credit Card Safety

To protect your credit card online at Pirate101.com set up a Master Password.

  • If you want to have your own account, you should setup a Master Account.
  • A Master Password allows you to manage personal and billing information for you and your child/children.
  • A Master Password helps you control what is purchased in your and your child’s/children’s account(s).
  • Login to your KingsIsle Account
  • Click "My Account"
  • Click "Parental Controls"
  • Click "Create Master Password"
  • Follow the steps

Do not give your child the email address or password used on the Master Password.

  • If your child has that information, he/she may be able to buy Crowns and Memberships without your permission.
  • If your child has the email address and access to the email account, he/she can request a new password (which will be sent to that email address) and change the password.

Do not allow your child to have access to your credit card or credit card information.

  • Anyone in your household who can access the Master Password or has your credit card, can make purchases without your permission.
  • On the checkout page where you enter your credit card information, do not check the box to “save your billing information".
  • This will prevent anyone from purchasing new Memberships or Crowns without your permission. Memberships will automatically renew without you re-entering your card.

More About Child Online Safety

To learn more about keeping your child safe online, here is a list of articles and websites that will encourage discussion and provide more tips and information.