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Pirate101 is a Free Pirate Game for Kids

At KingsIsle Entertainment, we realize the style and content of our games will appeal to all ages, and wanted to ensure we made a safe online Pirate game for kids. So, we decided to incorporate safeguards that make our online Pirate games a safe and positive experience for all of our players.

Pirate101 features a safe Menu Chat system that offers a wide range of pre-selected phrases, greetings and emotions that give players flexibility with in-game communication while keeping exchanges safe and family-friendly. Player character names are selected from pre-configured lists that allow a player to choose a name from thousands of potential combinations. A player can choose a name that reflects his/her individuality but not one that is inappropriate or reveals too much personal information.


Pirate101 can be a great reward!

Online multiplayer games can be a lot of fun, but many parents worry their kids will play too much. If your kids really enjoy playing Pirate101 (and we’re sure they will!), consider using special items or game time playing our Pirate games for kids as a reward for doing homework, completing chores, or participating in physical exercise. Even though we think online games are a lot of fun, they should never be a substitute for important things in life like school and physical health.


Special Safety Features to Make Pirate101 a Kid Safe Game

When developing Pirate101, we created style and content that would appeal to all ages and be the perfect Pirate game for kids. One of the most important aspects of creating a family friendly game is to incorporate special safeguards to make online play a safe and generally positive experience for our players.

Here at KingsIsle Entertainment, we take child online safety very seriously with all of our free online games. By setting up a Master Password for your child’s game account(s), you can determine the acceptable level of safety for your children you can turn on or off certain features of the game.


Menu Chat

Pirate101 features a safe Menu Chat system that offers a wide range of pre-moderated phrases, greetings, and emotions. These options allow players of all ages in-game communication while keeping exchanges with other players restricted to a safe and family-friendly level.

Pre-Generated Player Names

All Pirate101 player names are selected from a pre-configured list of first and last names. Players can choose from thousands of potential combinations to select a name for their Pirate character. A Pirate101 player can choose a name that shows his/her personality, but not one that is inappropriate or reveals personal real-life information.

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