Pirate Party Planning!


A Feast Fit for Pirates!

What's a Pirate party without a lot of yummy food? There are many ways to create both fun and healthy snacks for your Pirate themed party.

Pirate Themed Appetizers & Snacks

  • Stuffed Celery Waponi Canoes: Fill celery sticks with peanut butter. Add raisins for Waponi warriors!
  • Watermelon Fruit Boat: Cut half a watermelon to resemble a boat and fill with fruit
  • Underwater Crackers: Spread cream cheese on a cracker, add fish shape snack crackers and some alfalfa sprouts for seaweed!
  • Melon Cannon Balls: Use a spoon to scoop different melons into cannon balls... just don't let your Pirates throw them at each other!
  • Pirate Deli Tray: Use Pirate themed cookie cutters to make a meat & cheese tray in fun nautical shapes

Pirate Party Desserts

  • Gelatin Ocean: Make any kind of flavored gelatin that is blue. Put in a glass bowl and mash up the jello until it's in small chunks. Add gummy fish candy throughout the jello for undersea creatures!
  • Rice Krispie Boats: Cut chilled Rice Krispie treats into boat shapes. Add toothpick and printed out Pirate Flag threaded through the toothpick with your birthday Pirate's name on it!
  • Tropical Sugar Cookies: Bake sugar cookies and cut in tropical shapes like palm trees, fish, ships and more!

Yum Yum Punch!

This flavorful punch will charge your Pirate partygoers just like Yum Yum fruit does in the Pirate101 Game!

Yum Yum Punch Recipe

  • Blue Hawaiian (or other fruit juice brand) Punch
  • Clear Citrus Soda
  • Pineapple Juice
  • Raspberry Sherbet Ice Cream
  • Fun Molds for Ice

Combine equal parts of punch, soda and pineapple juice. Before serving, add several scoops of sherbet and float frozen ice molds in the punch bowl to keep the drink chilled!


Pirate101 Images for Your Cake

Of course, what party would be complete without a Pirate101 cake? Many places can 'print' an image on a store bought cake. Here are some downloadable images to help!