Pirate Party Planning!


Pirate Party Activities

Now that you have cool Pirate decorations and tasty food - it's time for some swashbuckling activities!

Pirate Party Crafts

Make Your Own Pirate Flag
Have sheets of colorful construction paper set out with markers or crayons. Young Pirates will have fun designing and coloring their own special flag. After the flags are done, tape them to a Popsicle stick or craft dowel so Pirates can wave their flags!

Ocean in a Bottle
Have clear plastic soda bottles with the labels removed ready. With an adult's help and the use of a funnel, children can fill half of the bottle with water and the other half with vinegar. Then they can add blue food coloring, glitter, and small plastic beads such as shells, jewels or fish. After all of the items are in the bottle, have an adult help hot-glue the bottle cap shut. Now young Pirates can shake their new ocean and see all the glitter and sea life swim around!


Pirate Party Games

Ratbeard's Treasure Hunt!

Hide amazing treasure consisting of candy, toys or both! Your Pirate guests can find the treasure in multiple ways - either with a cryptic treasure map, riddle or even Pirate trivia questions!

Captain's Calling

You’ve heard of Simon Says, right? Well, in the Pirate world nobody listens to anyone but the Captain! Young Pirates will enjoy this slight modified version of Simon Says. Encourage the Captain to use the most Pirate-y voice they can!

Musical Skyway

Instead of using chairs for this variation on musical chairs, cut out Island shapes from old cardboard boxes. Some can be larger and others smaller, and you can even label the different Islands around the Pirate101 Skyways! Play some great music, and Pirates will love running to try and get on the last island.