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Do you have an idea‽

Sep 11, 2009
a few ideas I have are some that have already been mentioned but the more the merrier.
1. Something needs to be done about people jumping into a fight that you already are in and close to
finishing. Now i think either allow them into the first few rounds or no go. I have died too many times
with people jumping in and to me its not fair. Not that i mind it but there are times when you need to get out
before you die and not fight more and more.
2. I feel more companions should be added and I am sure they will be, more along the lines of Pirates, and same with pets.
3. Definately name our ships, companions, and pets would be nice.
4. more outfits for the different classes, especially witchdoctor, maybe even better drops from chests.
I just find the game very well done so far and some ideas i feel can be done in short order. The jumping into someone's fight should be looked into as either a button to click to accept or not allowing jump ins after round 2 or 3.

Sep 02, 2012
Well First I would love to see a main store that sells all like pets and clothes even down to ships and more kinda like the one in wizard101 in old town.Another cool thing would be having a place to do pvp where players fight each other or even with their ships and they can form teams.ANother good one would be having guilds and clans.Plus you should have like a way to enter wizard 101 or pirate 101 in the launch menu with your players.add things like waves or storms so it would be harder to go to places with your ship in those skys! also you should make super huge ships and make them like a super epic boss fight and make it last like a hour like a dungeon
another one would be adding some kind of awesome final boss fight that needs you to hit that huge boss in the sky with your ship. my last one would be is adding hunter hunter are like witch doctors/sword man so player have a hunter option.

Sep 20, 2009
Please please please put a smashy weapon in the crowns shop. There are no smashy weapons at all in there yet there are many for the other schools. Also, what about different level weapons for each school in the crown shop, weapons with spells attached please.

Also, I totally agree with Logansan about people jumping in battles when you are nearly done and they add more mobs which attack you but the intruder is out of the way and safe. Not fair. Can you please find a way to restrict people jumping in without invitation or agreement - such as a "Do you allow this person to join?" option, or even allow you to boot them from the battle if they have joined in without asking, when it will leave you potentially dead.

I think Lizzie2075's comments on people taking over your ship battle is very valid. Her suggestion sounds good, that others cannot board the ship unless the originator of the battle has been boarded or is boarding it themselves. Perhaps include the option key to allow or disallow others to join your battle on board, like in my suggestion above.

Majicjalapeno's ideas for friends on board being able to have greater participation in the ship on ship battle is an awesome idea too. Hey what about also having a minigame on board so you can drop anchor and fill your bottle then if you like, or your friends can do the same during travel time.

Fellow players, I love the ideas and comments you are all adding to this discussion. Thank you

Dec 27, 2009
Agreed with watchy47.

There needs to be an option for allowing people to join your fights or not. Incredibly annoying to have people join right as you are about to finish a fight.
This makes being in a group completely pointless as well. Why have groups if you can't really stick to your own groups fights?
Even when politely asking people to leave, 99% of the time they stay.

Mar 26, 2010
so, ive been thinking for a while cool would it be to have a praying mantis enemy? one that possibly becomes a companion? i think it would pretty much rule. im surprised it hasnt been thought of thus far. it seems it would be a perfect fit for a mushu based character....ever since i saw mushu in wizard101 i have been dreaming of a praying mantis kung fu monk or something. please! can i have one?

May 17, 2011
I would greatly appreciate a pet vendor like in wizard101. Even a pet quest to get one would be excellent, as I am quite tired of farming Fin over and over and over again. Other then that I wouldn't change much, except for the glitch where you and your enemy appear to have their feet underwater in flooded areas but your companions seem to be walking on water.

-Dark Amber

Sep 27, 2012
I think that it would be cool if they implemented a combat mini game for an extra combo or status effect. For example they could do something where you where you have a circle that gets bigger and smaller and another one that stays the same. If you click it at the right moment you could get extra damage or another hit. Anyway its just an idea thought it would be cool.

Dec 03, 2009
I'd like to put out a few more ideas and expound further on a few already mentioned.

Aesthetic Equipment Slots - In design, these would simply be an additional slot for boots/armor/hat, but whatever is equipped in the slot however gives none of the stats, but rather the aesthetics of the item. For a good example, spiral knights does this concept perfectly, and while the slots are free and available to everyone from the start, they bring in further customization to clothing that they profit from, showing a good mix of ingenuity and customer appreciation. Do not make the slots themselves cost money, the games already a pay to play MMO, this is one of the things that can draw in newer players during the trial, as well as allow new and old players to customize their character. You can offer unique sets of clothing in the crown shop for aesthetic appeal, and perhaps bring in other elements. This is a brilliant way of bring depths of customization to the game without adding anything truly new, it's both a win for the dev's, and the players!

As for my optimizing combat pace, I believe I have an idea to better the pace. Allow for unit movement that does not set off any abilities/actions to be commenced in the background of ones that do, or alternatively simultaneously with another non combat changing move. Essentially this means, let units that are just moving, all move, or allow for more then one to move at once. this cuts back on the seeing each individual unit move to ultimately do nothing but sit there. I'd say 2 or 3 at once would be a good number, and would greatly enhance the early stages of combat, where you're stuck watching the entire enemy team move one unit at a time (which can be quite tedious in larger groups).

Lastly my additional ship idea, it might be a good idea so that the 2nd player joins the first ship, and it's only if a third ship boards that a second ship is docked to the enemy ship. Saves overall resources.

Oct 09, 2011
Perhaps already stated but...

1. Companions: Get rid of the random selection for paying members.
2. Battle Exp: Just terrible so I suggest a boost for paying members. That is the real reason battle experience is very low I imagine so people will pay to access more quest areas.

If those two actually ever came about in some sort of fashion I would rate this game #1 for 2012.

my 2 cents.

May 31, 2010
  • Better equipment in the gold shops.
  • Maybe a special dungeon like Water Works. At low levels as well as high levels.
  • Get those practice points a little quicker. I'm level 11 and have had one so far.
  • I find it hard to figure out who is who with chat and it is harder to make friends in my opinion.
  • When someone comes to help with a fight the odds go down that you are gonna win. At least that is what I see. This does not encourage group fighting.
  • I would not have so many realms open. This forces more people to play together, thus making friends. Later when things get going and people understand what is going on, I'd open more realms.
  • Chat window should be able to go to top of the screen or bottom. Right now it gets in the way.
  • Experience bar should not overlay quest arrow. I can't see where I'm going sometimes. The arrow however is very helpful and specific.
  • Make that goat a little more healthy. He dies on me all the time.
Other then that GREAT GAME. I really have enjoyed myself. Witch Doctor is awesome.

Sep 23, 2012
Problem: Ship styles (Monquistan Skiff, Samoorai Frigate, Bison Galleon, etc) are based on level, not player preference, which forces players to use ships that don't necessarily reflect their character's style. For example, I have a ship of every type, from the raggedy raft to the royal galleon. Out all of them, I like the pirate galleon the best, style-wise; it looks rugged and battle-tested (as opposed to most of the other ships that look like they're fresh from the shipyard, without a scratch on them). Of all the ships, it's the most "piratey" imo. Unfortunately, the pirate galleon would't last 5 seconds in a fight in Mooshu. Soon everyone will be sailing a samoorai or royal galleon (not to mention using samurai/ninja a pirate game). This forces players to sacrfice individuality for playability.

Solution: Make ships stats (accuracy, defense, cannon damage, etc) upgradeable. For a comparable price of course, and with acceptable level requirements. So, when it comes time to buy that bison frigate/galleon in Cool Ranch, the player would have the choice to upgrade her pirate frigate/galleon instead; when it comes time to buy that samoorai frigate/galleon in Mooshu, the player could opt to upgrade her pirate or bison frigate/galleon, and so on. As with ships, these upgrades could be purchased at earlier levels in the crown shop. This would allow for more diversity in the skyways.

Jun 17, 2009
I'm not sure if there is one yet, but we need an auction, and if one exists: please tell me where it is.

Aug 30, 2012
oh i would love the idea of a bazaar in pirate101 it would sort of be like the one in wizard101 but it would have a pet shop in it too. I personally think it should be in jonah only because it's one of the last places non-members get to go also i think that jonah town should really use some space for pete sake their living on a whale just give the town some room and that would be all.

Kayla Nightingale level 16 swashbuckler

Aug 28, 2010
Fearless Cole Arms... on Oct 9, 2012 wrote:
I found it hard at first to find clothes that would suit my Witch Doctor. Granted, I am still in Skull Island but I haven't seen any clothes tailored towards a specific class in the clothes shop like I did in W101. I would love to see witch doctor only clothes in a clothes shop. I have only seen the witch doctor clothes after I have completed quests. Who knows? Maybe there are shops like this already in later worlds that I haven't got to yet.
wait until you get to valencia. you'll find clothes fit for a witchdoctor there.

Petty Officer
Dec 16, 2010
• As in a later post said; there should be a bazaar. It would be more convient and easier for pirates to buy items. As in location wise their should be a bazaar in the main skyways and etc.
• We would also be able to change our flag. Some cases (like me) wish to change how our flag looks like. However changing it would fit in with Renaming and Dye your ship, if so would would change your flag it would cost approxmittley 500-1000 gold coins depending on your colors and changes.

On a good note I like everything about Pirate101.

Romantic Pearl Roland: level 13 privateer

Gunner's Mate
Oct 05, 2012
I think there should be a counter mechanism to Kane's precious armada. The soldiers are more detailed in appearance, their weapons are from pirate origin, their wigs are messy, and the name of this pirate version of the armada is the battalion, pretty cool huh, I bet Kane won't see this coming, or any of the elites either?

Apr 10, 2009
I've noticed when picking where we grow up, two of the worlds would benefit swashbucklers, those would be Skull Island and Mooshu, this made fining a world that would benefit privateeers confusing. Could you please change one of them to make it more obvious? An idea I had was replace Mooshu with Cool Ranch where were raised by a shaman from the Bison tribe, thanks!

Feb 08, 2009
stormy molly morgan : my son got me into wiz 101 just after it first opened. while he was staying at his father's, it wound up being a fantastic way for us to enjoy being together, and talking - all the while, having fun just like we were side by side. That being said, i am also loving pirate 101. A few changesI think would benefit y'all financially :) and the players satisfactorily : while the housing in wiz is fun, that is because you also win housing items. I bought the Boochbeard Bundle, so I have a house. What i do not have is furniture. Yes there are a few items that can be bought, but it would be nice to win them too. Or, just an idea - the items in battles that are obstructions, perhaps some of those could become win-able items once you destroy them to get beyond for the battle.
And the houses that are for sale, you do not have a preview button. That def needs to be added. Who wants to spend that much gold or crowns on a thing they cannot view and are then stuck with, whether they like it or not?.

I mentioned it in wiz and will mention it again. It would be really, really nice for those of us on tight budgets, if you could perhaps create a way to re-sell crown items back to the crown shop, even if it is only for perhaps a 1/4 or less of the original purchase price. That way, outfits, for example, once all your characters have surpassed the level and need to use, could return them. I think you would sell a lot more crown clothing that way. An'd it doesn't have to be all crown items, just some that eventually become obsolete to all your char's.

Also, it would be nice to have a save spot, bcz the further you get into the game, the longer the trip is to get back where you need to be. I know that sometimes when I return to skull island there is an arrow that ports me back, but more often, by the time i am finished getting my new spells, the arrow is gone.

Thats it for now. Your creative team rocks

Jan 21, 2011
1. Daily quests so you can do something every day.
2. Slashy/stabby combo weapons in the crown shop.
3. A way to get the Armada ships with the cool sails.
4. A gorilla companion.
5. One word. Crafting.

Feb 18, 2010
A faster way to travel between worlds would be nice. Although the scenery is nice, it gets a little boring when you have to travel for 5 real world minutes to get where you need to go. TRANSPORTERS! YAY!

Aug 21, 2009
I'd like my blue right hand corner ship health ball to tell me when it is full in the same way as my left hand corner player health ball tells me when its full. I'd also like more detailed ship quests, watch Oban Star Racers and make some ship quests along those lines. As a musketeer I hated when my pistols were replaced with crossbows, pistols are way more fun. I'd like to be able to stitch. I also want control over the colors of my companions, I have my own flag and ship colors and how the game decides to color my companions is often a bit in conflict. Bonnie Anne for example uses primarily my second flag color in how she dresses, yet other companions seem to be reversed so in terms of uniformity I feel like the game fails miserably in matching my companions style together. I dye my clothes and my ship, and love how my ship looks after the dye jobs and wouldn't want to select different flag colors as I like how the sails of my ships look. Without color control, things are a bit of a mess.

Jul 21, 2011
Hello i am new to the msg boards but not new to pirate101 or wizard101.
I just have one question like wizard101 does pirate101 have its own "" or website were u can play minigames to get codes to redeem on your acount as a gift ingame.plz reply thank you for reading

Sep 11, 2009
something else we need more clothes for females my wife tells me. I would like to see more blues floating around also so i can fill up my bottle. It seems anywhere i go I see 10x's more reds than blues its discimination LOL. also maybe more companions we can get. so far i got a companion at 15 lvl. what is the lvl= companion does anyone know?
Maybe more pets also I really like the game so far just getting used to everything.

Mar 07, 2009
what about parrot pets? not to fond of the ones right now. well a couple are good.

Community Leader
If it were me, I'd do a few things:

  • Add more class-specific quests. Everybody's heroic journey doesn't have to be the same, ya'know?
  • Shortcut travel to known locations. When travel eats up a quarter to a third of game time, it's a little much.
  • Mix up the quest requirements. We all know how to kill x many fill-in-the-blanks. How about brain teasers, labyrinths, or even story-based quests that provide different possible outcomes depending on what options you choose or how you answer specific questions.
  • Give players an editable character bio and a way to mark other characters as "family". All the creativity running amok in the Spiral needs an in-game showcase. A bio would let players add to their initial creation story, and an editable family tree would let players create pirate families (like guilds, but smaller) of their closest friends.