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Do you have an idea‽

Aug 08, 2009
I'm kinda new to forums in general, but I had a few suggestions that I think would add quality of life to the game, but some smaller graphical changes too.
-The crown shop logo in the upper left corner kinda sticks out like a thorn compared to the rest of the screen buttons, I think redesigning it to fit the overall aesthetic of the game would be a nice simple change.
-I am an enthusiast of sharks so I could be alone on this, but I would love a new companion questline where we get rewarded with a companion that's a hammerhead, since the only one I've ever seen in game is Mordecai.
-I would really like to see Quests being able to be organized like in Wizard101, more specifically the ability to hide quests into a different tab, just for the purpose of hiding quests that a pirate can't get to until they unlock a certain area, but also organizing them by world would be really useful as well.
-I heard it mentioned in the recent KI Live, possibly for Wizard101, but I think having the ability to change your characters name/gender would be beneficial for Pirate101 as well.
-As well as adding in more variety of hairstyles, eye colors and face shapes, I'd like a makeover option that you can do with gold in the game. A hairstyle I'd really like to see with both boy and girl characters is a longer braid or longer hair with smaller braids scattered throughout, maybe with some jewelry added into the hairstyle as well.
-Finally I'd really like to have windowed borderless mode, it'd be good for players who stream or just use dual monitors.
I know none of these are necessarily huge things that would bring more content to pirate101, but they could be things that could be released while we wait for something like a new main questline or new worlds to explore.

Jan 14, 2022
Would be nice to see separate talent and powers loadouts for PvP and PvE, as the meta varies so widely between the 2. The ability to change between loadouts without the need of a complete respec or separate character would be a really nice quality of life change for those players that enjoy both.