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Feb 02, 2013
I know we all really really really want a new world update. I've been waiting patiently for years too. But aside from that, can we implement ONE small change? Why do the obsidian deathdealers only give 80 damage? I understand it gives burst 3 and we don't want them too strong but 80 damage?!? That's absurd! Who would use that! I say we change is to 180. Not as much as the Haywire Thunder Rifle, but a decent amount for a weapon. For the time being, it will just be sitting in my bank until it has SOME use.

Honest Cole, Level 70 Buccaneer
Sneaky Cole, Level 70 Swashbuckler
Romantic Benjamin Yellowfish, Level 70 Musketeer

Dec 29, 2012
Hey, I'm just now coming back to this game since launch and I'm still surprised that there isn't a Borderless Window Mode in this game yet?
I have a multi monitor set up for gaming and video production and fullsceen mode doesnt not allow seamless transition? This makes things very difficult for me.

On a side note, 4k resolution isn't scaling very well.

It seems Wizard101 has fixed these issues
Also, why no Steam port?

In the off chance that is ever gets read, thank you for your hard work. I'll keep tabs on this post for 30 days before reposting.

Jan 27, 2014
couple ideas:
-White Servus and Black Servus skeleton boss and make them haywire and the more you dont kill them, more will appear and after you kill they you have to kill the rest.(either that or add some skeleton boss key where you can get a better wand with 6 range. legit, i prefer wands over staffs. or just make some enemy drop a wand as good as Phule's)
-Music Players(housing)
-more 4v4 houses
-more PVP arenas. maybe like one in Cool Ranch looking like a Saloon or barn area or something, a dojo in mooshu, a cellar in Marleybone, a gladiator arena in Aquila, and idk if there should be one for Valencia or not but it'd be up to you all.
-Housing games, like tag, etc.
-yum juicers(housing item)
-Jewel Crafting