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Sometimes you just want your original items back after stitching them together. Well, seamstress Eloise Merriweather can now help you with that. Just find her on whatever world you’re in (or jump back to Skull Island) and talk to her, then click on the Scissors tab on the left to bring up the new Unstitching panel.

All stitched items for the selected type (“Hats” are selected, by default) are listed. As usual, you can put your cursor over each listed item to see their info.


If you select one of the items, the Separate button will light and the two Result items that you will receive if you click on the Separate button are shown. Again, you can put your cursor over each of the Results items to see their stats.


Click on Separate, then confirm the Unstitching – which always costs 100 Crowns – and the stitched item is removed from your inventory, while the two original Results items are put into your inventory.

When can't I unstitch?

  • If you don’t have 100 Crowns to spend
  • If you don’t have room (because your inventories are all full). Remember, you’re going to end up with two items, for the one that you will lose when you unstitch.
  • If you don’t have any stitched items in your backpack (they must be in your backpack, not in your bank or house attic).