Player's Guide

Learn how to play the free Pirate101 game!


Your Pirate

To view all of your Pirate's latest info, click "My Character" from the top menu (or press the "C" hotkey) to display the "My Pirate" screen. This page displays information about your character, such as your character level, current attributes, training points and amount of available Gold and Crowns.

My Pirate

On the right side of the “My Pirate” screen are several character stats. These stats allow you to track your pirate’s personal progress as you progress through the game worlds. These stats can also change based on what you have equipped. Most stats such as Strength, Agility and Will are combat focused, while the heart symbol shows the current/maximum health your pirate currently has, which increases with each level increase. Mouse over the stats to get more information about them and how much equipped items are boosting them.

If you’re looking to learn abilities from other classes and need to know how many Practice points you’re earned for that, you can also view the that on this page.

The amount of gold and crowns available to your pirate are also found on this page. The current limit of gold you can have is 200,000.

At the bottom of the “My Pirate” screen you will see nautical stats. These stats reflect time spent in the Skyways in Broadside Combat. The nautical title will update depending on your nautical level and nautical experience is overall experience gained in broadside combat.

The area where you see your Pirate standings is referred to as the “Preview Window”. This window will show all equipped weapons and items. You can rotate your pirate in this window by clicking either of the arrows or by holding down the left mouse button and moving your mouse left and right.

Above your Pirate is your Pirate’s name along with the class and current level. Also displayed is current/next level information, which shows you how close you are to achieving the next level.

Navigating to Other Pirate Pages

On the left side of the “My Pirate” screen are several other icons to choose.

  • The hook is this page—the “My Pirate” page
  • The backpack icon is the “My Inventory” page
  • The book icon will display the “My Skills & Powers” page
  • The badge icon displays the “My Badges” page
  • The chess piece icon displays the “My Companions” page
  • The parrot icon displays the “My Pets” page