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Quest Through Your Adventures!

Quests are fun goals that guide your Pirate through the worlds and intricate story of Pirate101. Quests offer different rewards including experience points, gold, and sometimes new Companions! You can view your Pirate's current quests by clicking the "Q" key on your keyboard or the golden chalice icon on the Character page.

The My Quests screen can display up to four quests at a time. If you have discovered more than four that you haven’t completed, scroll arrows appear on the bottom of the My Quests screen so you can see them all.

Each quest pane describes the quest’s name, goal, the NPC to talk to or the NPC(s) to defeat, where in the game world to travel to, any rewards offered for completion of the quest, and even gives you a handy button in the bottom right corner to replay a quest’s dialogue.

Click on a quest pane to make the quest become your active quest. A selected quest will have a white outline. Selecting a quest will display the quest helper arrow and quest goal at the bottom of your screen. Once you have selected a quest, you may click the “X” button on the top right corner of the My Quests screen to exit it.

Quests have different goals and rewards, which are shown to you through icons displayed in the lower left corner of the Quest window.

Grants Gold

Requires Item Collecting

Grants Experience

Grants New Companion

Grants Item Reward