Player's Guide

Learn how to play the free Pirate101 game!


Training Your Pirate

Once you complete the quest “That Dirty Rat”, you will be able to meet your Class Trainer, a person you’ll want to remember and visit often. All the trainers in the game can be found in the Skull Island courtyard buildings. One such trainer can be seen below:


Class Trainers

Each of the five classes has their own Trainer, a character in the game who teaches you about being a pirate. Your Trainer can train you in new Talents and combat abilities. You can even pick up a few tricks from other class Trainers by spending special Practice Points with them!

You can receive Training in Talents, Epic Talents and Powers.

The Epic Talents and Powers are often referred to as Abilities.

Once you have met your Trainer, you should make a habit of returning to Skull Island each time you gain a level, to see if there is anything new for you to learn.

Practice Points

Training from your own class trainer is always free. Your level just needs to be high enough to learn the new Talent or Ability.

But, you can also learn from other trainers - for a fee. For each talent or ability you learn from another trainer, you must pay a Practice Point. You earn a Practice Point at 8th, 12th, 16th, 20th, and then every five levels past 20th. You also can earn extra Practice Points from completing quests for Prospector Zeke.

Practice Points are only used to improve your pirate, whereas Training Points are only used to train Companions.

Resetting your Talents and Powers

To reset your Training Points, visit any of the trainers in Avery's Court. When you select to train with them, there is a green reset button in the bottom right hand corner of the dialog box. Be aware though, there is a crown cost associated with resetting your trained talents and powers!