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Players now have the option of purchasing items with Crowns either for themselves, or for a pirate on their Friends list.

Some things to keep in mind:

  • Items that are already in your inventory cannot be Gifted – you can buy for yourself or as a gift.
  • Not all Crown Shop items can be gifted.
  • Gifting can be disabled on an account basis.

How to Gift

Once in the Crown Shop, you’ll see a small “gift” icon in the lower right corner of the 3D window.


If you can gift the current selection, then the gift will be red and white like in the picture above. If you can’t gift the item, then the gift icon is gray.

If you can gift the item, click on the present. You will be shown a list of all your Pirate101 friends (they don’t have to be online right then). Select the one you wish to gift the item to and then click the “CHOOSE” button at the bottom.

A confirmation screen will appear, showing the item and its name, the price (in Crowns) and who will receive the gift – if they’re currently online, you’ll see their face too. If everything is ok, then click “YAR!” , or click on the yellow X to cancel and close the pop-up window.

If you clicked “YAR!”, then you’ll get the standard Crown Shop purchase confirmation screen, giving you one last chance to agree or cancel. That’s it!

Receiving a Gift

When someone sends you a gift and you don’t already have any waiting gifts

  1. When you’re online, you’ll get some yellow text on-screen, telling you a gift has been received.
  2. A notification pop-up appears at the top of the screen
  3. A gift icon appears to the right of the Health orb

If you click on the gift icon, a pop-up appears with a list of your waiting gifts.


If you click on a gift in the list, it will tell you who sent it to you.

Until you click “Accept”, the gift isn’t redeemed and will sit in and wait for you (this is useful if you get a gift, like a Health potion, that you might need right away).

Disabling Gifting

This Gift-giving feature is controlled through Parental Controls. For players over the age of 18, gift-giving is enabled by default.

Players under the age of 18 will need to enable this feature through the Parental Controls for their account.

To get to Parental Controls, log into, click LOGIN in the upper right, log in using your Pirate account username/password, click on My Account and then the Parental Controls tab. NOTE: You may need to then enter the Master Password, if the account is set up with one.


Now you can change the Gifting option. If set to OFF, then gift-giving is not allowed and the Gift icon in the crown shop will never be active.