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Looking Good While Fighting Well

Did you know that you don’t have to get rid of that fabulous-looking hat just because the bonuses it adds aren’t really worth it anymore? It’s true; you can combine two Hats, Outfits, Boots or Weapons by stitching them. Chic and powerful – that’s how pirates roll.

Stitching will destroy the two original items that are stitched together, but will also create a new item in the process. That new item will always be flagged as a No Auction item.

Where do I stitch?

Good question! You want to find Eloise Merriweather, the local Seamstress. She is on each world, usually in the same area that Zeke is at (in Skull Island, that’d be around the Kraken Skull tavern, so you may not be able to get to her until around Level 3 or 4). Talk to her to have her stitch two of the same kind of items together - one “Appearance” item, and one “Stats” item – to create a new item.

How to Stitch

Press X when near Eloise to get started.

Stitching is a two step process. When you start, you’ll see a new screen:


When the Stitching screen comes up, the Hat list is always auto-selected and all stitchable hats are shown in the Appearance list. You can change to the Outfit, Boots or Weapons list by clicking on their icon in the upper left.

Let’s stitch two hats.

Step 1: pick the hat we want to use as the Appearance item. That is, what do we want this new stitched hat to look like?

The blue hand on the first hat indicates that this is the hat that the pirate currently has equipped. And any hat that can’t be used has a red background and a lock. But, just because you can’t use it doesn’t mean it can’t be stitched!

Let’s pick the Cowboy hat, the Gunfighter’s Cap. If we put the cursor over it, we get info comparing it to the Medicine Elder’s Bonnet that is equipped right now (notice that the bonnet is also a Crowns hat because there is a Crown icon in the upper left, on the info pop-up).

While the stats for the Gunfighter’s Cap are ok, those for the Medicine Elder’s Bonnet are better. Still, the Gunfighter’s Cap looks better on this pirate, so we pick that cap for the Appearance hat by clicking on it. Now the Gunfighter’s Cap has a gold frame around it and it is put on the pirate so we can see how it looks when worn.

Once we pick the Appearance item, another list appears below it: the Stats list.

This new list is exactly the same as the Appearance list except it does not include the hat we picked for the Appearance.

So, now it’s time for Step 2: Pick the Stats item.


When two items are stitched, the Name, Level Requirements, Talent Requirements (if it has any) and Attribute bonuses of the Stats item will get stitched onto the Appearance item (wiping out the Appearance item’s stats).

The stats for the Medicine Elder’s Bonnet are better than those of the Gunfighter’s Cap, so let’s attach the bonnet’s stats onto the cap.

We click on the Medicine Elder’s Bonnet in the Stats list to select it as the Stats item.

With both an Appearance and Stats hat selected, the Create button turns green and can now be clicked on. When we click on Create, we get a confirmation screen:


Both original hats are listed here, as is the new hat that will be made. We can put your cursor over each hat to see what stats they have. The new hat is also shown on the pirate’s head.

Double-check your choices and be sure you want to spend the Crowns for this stitch.

If you do not want to stitch, click the yellow X in the upper right corner.

If you do want to perform the stitch, click the Stitch it button and the stitch will occur: the Crowns will be spent, the two original hats will be destroyed and a new “stitched” hat will be made.


You can see the new “stitched” hat looks like the cowboy hat, but has all the stats (including the name) of the bonnet. Nice!

Stitching Weapons

Stitching weapons works the same way as stitching Hats, Outfits and Boots – except there is one final restriction. You can only stitch weapons that are of the same type: Staffy, Shooty, Stabby, Smashy, Slashy or combinations of those.

So, you could stitch two Slashy weapons together, but not a Slashy with a Slashy/Stabby weapon.

When you select an Appearance weapon, the Stats list will show only those weapons that can be stitched to that Appearance weapon.

The animation and visual effects of the Appearance item are retained after the stitching occurs.


What if you decide, later, that you want the original items back. Then you want to Unstitch.