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Get Your Favorite Colors with Equipment Dyeing

Is that dashing red color just not working for your shirt? Then look no further as you can dye many items at a vendor dye shop.

Equipment dye vendors are located within a town’s interior. Once you interact with a dye vendor, click on the article of clothing you wish to dye. Next, click on either the primary color selector (to the left in the preview window) or the secondary color selector (to the right in the preview window).


Each selector allows you to custom dye a particular part of the item.

Each inventory item—if it can be colored—has its own set of acceptable colors, so the color selectors’ options will change as you select different inventory items. Dye shops often offer more color selection than vendors do—there are a total of 27 different colors that an item may have available.

Next, choose the color you wish to apply to your selected equipment choice.


There are a total of 27 colors to choose from.

Once you like your choices, click on “Dye Item!” and the deed is done (including removing the required Gold from your purse).