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Stow Away Your Items in Banks

Is your personal inventory nearing capacity? Do you want to store a few items from your personal inventory for safe keeping and later use? Look no further, as you can store items in your very own bank!



The bank will function as an extended inventory for you. Any equipable item may be held within your bank. Banks will only hold equipable items, not Gold.

The bank may only be accessed within your bunkhouse or purchased house.

The Shared Bank system, represented as a bank safe with a yellow bi-directional arrow above it, is a shared storage area that all of your characters on a single account can place items into and take out of.

Note: As the picture above shows, there are two sets of safe/backpack icons: tabbed icons on the left side and a set of icons across the bottom. The tabbed icons on the left side (those with blue backgrounds) allow you to view your inventories, and the bottom icons allow you to move items between your inventories.

For example, clicking the backpack icon on the left hand side, lets you view and move things from your backpack. If you want to move items from your backpack to your bank or shared bank, click the item you want to move from your backpack, then click the appropriate "Move To:" icons at the bottom.