Player's Guide

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Premium Game Items in the Crown Shop

The Crown Shop is your one stop shop for purchasing additional items for your character or house, in Pirate101. Most items in the Crown Shop are not purchased with Gold but instead with “Crowns.” You will need a valid credit card to purchase Crowns from the Pirate101 site that you can then use to get cool items from the Crown Shop. Crowns are account-based and can be used by any pirate on that account.

Click the Crown Shop icon at the top of the screen to access the Crown Shop.


The next screen presents you with all currently available items for purchase in the Crown Shop. The Crown Shop has the following categories available to choose from:

  • Featured Items
  • Gold
  • Permanent Mounts and Mount Rentals
  • Pets
  • Units
  • Henchmen
  • Booster Packs
  • Houses and Housing Furniture
  • Clothing
  • Ships and Ship Equipment
  • Jewelry
  • Weapons
  • Elixirs

Be sure to check periodically for items that may be on sale! To do so, click the “On Sale” blue filter button, as seen above, and you will be presented with all items currently on sale for a limited time.

If you only want to view items that are usable (restricted by level) for your particular character, click the “Usable” button, as seen in the above screenshot.

You may also search for a particular item name by typing the name in the “Search for Items” box, as seen above.

Check back often as new items will be added to the Crown Shop over time!