Player's Guide

Learn how to play the free Pirate101 game!


Be Victorious and Sink the Enemy Ship!

If you successfully destroy an enemy ship, Nautical XP is awarded, a loot crate is dropped in the skyway and Quest credit is granted. A single loot crate is dropped per ship destroyed in Broadside Combat. Only the captains of the attacking ships can pick up the loot crate. The crate can be picked up by approaching and pressing “x” when prompted. If the crate is not picked up before its loot timer expires, it de-spawns.

When an enemy ship is destroyed in Broadside Combat, Quest and badge credit are granted for the enemies that would have spawned on that ship. This credit is granted to each passenger on each ship that attacked the enemy ship at least once, whether that attack hit or missed, so long as they are still within the influence range (within sight) of the enemy ship when it was destroyed.

What happens if I am Defeated?

If you are unsuccessful escaping the clutches of an enemy ship and become defeated, your Pirate ship will be teleported back to your previous life fountain with all passengers’ health reduced to 1.