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You can't win them all...

When you’re defeated in combat, you’ll be returned to the last Life Fountain you visited—unless you’re currently in a group with other players. If all of your crewmates have been defeated as well, you’ll all return to your own Life Fountains. However, if any Companions are still alive, you’ll all stay where you are to give them a chance to heal you, and bring you back into the fight!”

You will start healing automatically if your Life Fountain is in a safe port. You can use the Life Fountain to fully restore your health. If you're not near a Life Fountain but have a full potion bottle, the bottle can also be used to heal your health to full.

When a Companion is defeated, it gains a Wound and is automatically placed on the Bedrestin’ Order. You can cancel the Order, but your Companion will be less effective in combat for each Wound it’s sustained. Wounds can be removed by waiting for Bedrestin’ to complete or by visiting and paying Miracle Mitch in Avery’s Court.

Unlike other Orders, Bedrestin’ doesn’t need to be collected when it’s over – your Companion will automatically return to active service.

Companions can have more than one Wound, and they will get less and less effective each time. If your Companion is defeated again, it’s reset to the beginning of the Bedrestin’ Order.

Additionally, fleeing from combat will incur Wounds if your Companions are low on health. Be careful!

Tip! Life Fountains

It’s a good idea to always use a Life Fountain any time you see one, just to be sure that all your health is full.