Player's Guide

Learn how to play the free Pirate101 game!


This fight is going to be Epic!

Some combats that you get into are just hard enough that you need a slight edge. For these Epic fights, the Battle Stations! screen will pop up before combat starts and allow you to pick which Companions you want to use.

Across the top of this screen is a scrollable list of all your available Companions. Here, you can remove a Companion’s Orders to allow them to fight with you, but be warned! You’ll lose all progress towards the Order.

You can put your cursor on them to get a pop-up with info on that Companion

Below that list are 2 to 4 white circles, some of which have a pirate silhouette with a question mark on it. Each circle indicates an available slot for the battle, a slot taken up by either a Companion or your Pirate.

The leftmost circle is you, so that circle is always locked. If the battle also requires a Companion, then that Companion will also be already in one of the circles and that circle will be locked too.

Below the “Done” button is a list of the potential enemies you may face in the upcoming battle.

Bonnie Anne, I Choose You!

Any remaining circles, with silhouettes, are where you can add Companions that will join you in battle. To add a Companion to the next available spot, just click on their portrait on the top list. A green check mark appears on their image there to indicate they’ve been chosen, and they also appear in the white circle.

Changing Your Mind

If you decide not to use a Companion that is already selected, you can click on either of their portraits and cancel the selection.

No Rush, but...

Just like combat’s Planning Phase, the Battle Stations! Screen has a countdown timer. When the timer hits 0, time is up and the game moves on. If you haven’t filled all the white circles, the game will randomly-select units just like in any other battle. This random selection will not include Benched units in the selection pool.