Player's Guide

Learn how to play the free Pirate101 Pirate ship games!


Blast Your Pirate Ship Game Cannons!

To enter Broadside combat, approach an enemy ship. Once you are within range of an enemy ship, hover the mouse icon over the enemy ship and left click the mouse. Once you left click on the ship, you will see the enemy ship’s name appear at the top of the screen. These pirate ship games for kids are fun and safe for the whole family.


Once your ship is within range of the enemy ship, your targeting reticule will change from grey to orange to indicate you are within LONG RANGE. As you move within SHORT RANGE your reticle will change from orange to red. It is important to note that different cannons (and powers) have different accuracy and damage ratings at each of these ranges.

When engaged in Broadside Combat, your ship’s speed range is slowed to a fraction of its normal minimum and maximum speed, and your turning speed is increased to allow for sharper turning. Your ship will also coast quickly to a stop any time a direction is not held. Holding backward will cause your ship to move in reverse up to the same max speed as you can move forward. Holding left or right will turn your ship on the spot, even if not moving.

In addition to using your special powers and arrows, your Pirate ship will automatically fire cannons while engaged in broadside combat. That way you're still shooting at the enemy even when you're waiting to use your Pirate ship powers again!


This mode is toggled on by firing any offensive power at a target, or being fired upon, whether the attack hits or misses. If you have no target or are not in auto-fire mode, the attacking ship will be force-selected as your target. This mode is toggled off only when you are no longer in range of the ship you last fired upon, the ship you last fired upon is invalid (in No Aggro mode or defeated), and no enemy ship is currently targeting or chasing you.

If an enemy ship is not able to be attacked (even when within range), the targeting reticule switches to a grey cross out symbol.


Multiple ships can fire on any target, but a target can only fire on ONE ship at any time (this is applicable to all players and enemy ships, alike). As you continue to attack the enemy, you will soon begin to see smoke and fire rising from the enemy ship. This is a good indicator that the enemy ship is weakening and deck side combat is about to begin.