Player's Guide

Learn how to play the free Pirate101 game!


Run Away! Run Away!

If you believe you are not yet ready to take on the enemy you have the option to flee from battle and head for the nearest Windlane for safety.

Windlanes will increase the repair rate on ships.


Ship Boost and Boost Fuel

As you attempt to escape the clutches of the enemy, you have the option to use boost fuel to hasten your attempt. To activate, toggle the boost button by clicking or pressing “z”. To deactivate boost you can press reverse (S), drop anchor (Spacebar), or toggle the boost button by clicking or pressing “z”. While boost mode is active, fuel is consumed to rocket your ship forward at increased speed and acceleration.

Be sure to keep an eye on your boost fuel when using speed boost! On the bottom right of the screen you will see a green globe with a number in it. That number reflects how much fuel is left for your ship.


To refill your boost fuel, visit a Fuel Shop vendor on a city dock. This is where you can purchase fuel for your un-bottled ship. If you want to purchase fuel for other ships, you must bottle your current ship and un-bottle the other ship. You can also purchase fuel with Crowns by clicking the Refill button that appears once your ship is below 50% boost.