Player's Guide

Learn how to play the free Pirate101 game!


Boarding an Enemy Pirate Ship

The YELLOW HEALTH BAR is another indicator that an enemy ship can be boarded. This takes place when the enemy ship is at 50% health. The same goes for player ships. At 50% health, the player ship can be boarded! Once boarded, you will still have the option to flee battle, by clicking the FLEE button.

Should you decide to stick it out and continue to take on cannon fire from the enemy ship, you may notice rotating objects on your ship. These are referred to as damage tokens. Damage tokens come in many forms, such as fire. Damage tokens can be interacted with which will allow your crew to “extinguish” them. Captains who are driving the ship are unable to extinguish the tokens unless they stop driving the ship, but that can be dangerous and even more reason to have a crew! To extinguish a damage token, run up to one and click “x” to interact.


Each damage token that a player does not extinguish before deck side combat begins will result in that effect being part of deck side combat. An example would be a fire damage token not being extinguished. Any fire damage tokens that remain after broadside combat will later become a fire obstacle on the battle board during deck side combat. Units standing near fire during this phase of combat will take damage every round of combat.



There are other tokens that have different effects on the player – but you will have to discover these through gameplay!