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Train Your Pirate Companions

Like your pirate, Companions can be trained. Every time you level up, you’ll also gain Companion Training points that you can use to train up any of your Companions. You can see how many total unused training points you have, by looking just to the left of the Train button on the bottom right of the Companion Management screen. Training does not cost anything except Training points.

If a Companion can be trained, then when you select them the TRAIN button will turn green. You’ll see two blue markers on either side of a horizontal bar – the marker on the left shows the current level and the marker on the right is the next level. The bar between the two shows any partial progress towards that next level.

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If you mouse over the Train button, you’ll see what will happen if you do decide to train the Companion. The green bar shows how far you’ll advance, and the green text shows the change in damage and health. Clicking on the Train button will actually make the change.

See Which Stats Will Improve

Within your Companion preview window you can also preview which stats will change before clicking the TRAIN button by hovering your mouse icon over the TRAIN button, without clicking. Green text will appear next to your current stat number that displays a positive gain that will be acquired after clicking the TRAIN button, as seen below:


How much they advance depends on how much lower their level is than the player’s level; the player can’t teach a Companion much, if they are both almost the same level.

Regardless of how much the Companion progresses, they can never train higher than the player’s current level.

Tip! Level Up with Fewer Training Points

The further apart you are from your Companion in levels, the more levels they gain when you spend a training point on them. For instance, if you are level 50 and your Companion is level 1, a single training point could net them around 14 levels. The closer the Companion is to your level, the less they gain from each training point.