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Companion Stats

Just like your pirate, all your Companions have stats such as Strength, Agility, Will, etc. To see their stats, hover the mouse pointer over the Companion’s portrait, as seen below:

Companion Stats

To see a detailed record of your Companion’s current Powers, click on the yellow triangle in the center at the top of the 3D Companion preview window.

Companion Stats

This will raise another window that displays the details about the Companion’s stats, as well as the Epic Talents and Powers that they know (mouse over the icons to get info on each).

Companion Stats

For all the Companion stats, the higher the number the better. To close the panel, click on the triangle that is now up on the top of the window.

How do these stats make my Companion stronger?

Increases damage for melee weapons (Cutlass, Spears or Axes). Also used in comparison (vs. target’s Strength) to add up to +25% bonus damage.


Increases damage for ranged weapons (Pistols & Muskets) and finesse weapons (Daggers). Also used in comparison (vs. target’s Agility) to add up to +25% bonus damage.


Increases damage for magical attacks, the effectiveness of voodoo powers, and any Powers. Also used in comparison (vs. target’s Will) to add up to +25% bonus damage.


Improves the chance that attacks will hit the enemy.


Decreases the chance that enemy attacks will hit.


Will reduce the damage taken from physical attacks (slashing, impact, and piercing damage).


Will reduce the damage taken from magical attacks (fire, ice, and storm damage).


The damage an attack will typically deal. This is a range; the actual value used will vary in combat, as the effects of certain skills are applied.


This is the amount of damage that can be dealt to this unit before being defeated in combat. Any Companion that survives combat will be restored to full health once they are outside of combat. Those wounded in combat must be revived at a Life Fountain.


Why do some Companions do more damage than others?

How much damage is done to an enemy depends on a specific stat during the attack. Each class has one primary Stat that dominates how they attack in combat:

  • Buccaneer - Strength
  • Musketeer - Agility
  • Privateer - Will
  • Swashbuckler - Agility
  • Witchdoctor - Will

When a Buccaneer attacks, their Strength is compared to the target’s Strength. The higher the Buccaneer’s Strength is in relation to the target, the more damage is done. But on the other hand, if that Buccaneer has low Will, and is attacked by a Witchdoctor, then the Buccaneer will take more damage because the Witchdoctor’s attacks are based on Will, not Strength.

All of these Stats increase as you train your units.