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Level Up Your Companions for New Talents


When they gain a new level, Companions may also be offered a list of new Attribute Talents to choose from, making them more powerful in combat. An Attribute Talent usually improves one or more of the Companion’s stats. They are applied automatically; there’s nothing you need to do to use a normal Talent, once you’ve given it to your Unit.

Whenever your Companions are ready to learn something new, you’ll see a lightning bolt in the upper right corner of their portrait.

To see a detailed record of your Companion’s current Powers, click on the yellow triangle in the bottom middle of the 3D Companion preview window. This will raise another window that displays the details about the Companion’s stats, as well as the Epic Talents and Powers that they know (mouse over the icons to get info on each). To close the panel, click on the triangle that is now up on the top of the window.