Player's Guide

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Companion Management

You can reach the "My Companions" screen by selecting "My Pirate" (hotkey C) and then clicking the chess piece icon on the left (or just hit hotkey "U" to go directly to Companion Management). The My Companions screen is very useful to make full use out of each Companion you receive.

The Companion Management page is divided into 3 parts:

  1. 1. A 4x4 grid on the left
  2. 2. A 3D window on the right
  3. 3. Some data and controls at the bottom.

The grid only shows up to 16 Companions, but rest assured you’ll end up with many more Companions as you progress along. Once you get your 17th Companion you’ll be able to flip between pages of all your Companions. As a Companion joins you, they are added to the end of your Companions list.

Companion Management

To select a Companion, click on their portrait on the grid. Your Companion now appears in the 3D preview window and some basic info about them will display. Any Epic Powers your Companions know will also appear above their head, just below their name. You can also hover your mouse over a Companion’s portrait on the grid to see info on their current combat stats, as seen below for Bonnie Anne. These stats can have a heavy influence on how a battle goes.

Companion Management

The sequence of the portraits determines which Companions will join you in battle. The first three Companions that are not following other Orders will always participate, unless the battle admits fewer than three.

To move a Companion to a different location position on the roster, click and hold the left mouse button, then drag your Companion’s portrait to the spot you want them, and then release.

The top left position of the grid is special: it contains the Firstmate. The Companion in this position will follow you around (unless you use the Options page to tell the game not to) and will always join you in battle if they’re not on the Bedrestin’ Order. Any Companion can be moved to the Firstmate position.

Tip! How to Manage a Large Crew

Trying to move a new Companion from the 2nd page of your Companions to the 1st? Click and hold your mouse button on the companion you'd like to move from the second page to the first page and drag it over to the companion tab on the left hand side (looks like a chess piece). This will flip the companion page back to the first page, so you can place him where you want him (or her as the case may be).