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Click on the New Orders button to give a Companion special Orders, tasks that take a certain amount of time to fulfill. Companions following Orders won’t join you in combat, but do earn special rewards when their task is finished and rewards are collected. A Companion can only follow one set of Orders at a time. Companions without specific Orders are available to participate in combat.

Orders can be “hurried” by spending Crowns. The task will be completed immediately.

You can cancel Orders, but you’ll lose all progress towards the reward.

High-level Companions gain more rewards from each Order, but they also take longer to complete!


Orders include:

Brawlin’: The Companion earns XP for itself. If the Companion reaches your level, it switches to Keel-haulin’.

Keel-haulin’: The Companion earns Training Tomes (Companion training points). You can’t choose Keel-haulin’ unless your Companion is at your level or higher.

Plunderin’: The Companion earn s gold for your pirate.

Sailin’: The Companion earns nautical XP for your pirate.

Scavengin’: The Companion earns a cool item!

Pet Wranglin’: The Companion earns items related to pets.

Bedrestin’: The Companion is recovering from wounds sustained in combat. See the Wounds section for more information.