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You know you play too much Pirate101 when...

Nov 01, 2013
I already posted one before, but I just want to say some more.
(By the way, means ones I've done, and means the ones I've only somewhat done.)

You know you play too much Pirate101 when...

• You make up your very own epic for your Pirate
• You paint Sigils on the floor and put up a sign that says: "Ahoy, Pirate! You're going into a Dungeon! If you log out or leave for more than 30 minutes, you'll have to start over from the beginning."
• You decorate your room like your room in P101
• You quiz people about P101
• You buy a whole bottle of Hidden Valley Ranch, and do Google searches saying: "How do you put a dungeon in a bottle of salad dressing". *type type type type*
• At school, your teacher calls your name and you say: "Huh? My name is (character name here)! I think you're calling the wrong person."
• Your friends in real life start calling you your Pirate name or your Class.
• You look at birds in the sky and say: "Oh, hey - there's a Scarakeet, ooh! There's a Sky Snake... no no no, that's a Mechanical Bird - all the way from Valencia!"
• You create your very own P101 manual for others to read.
• You create movies about P101
• Your friends (it doesn't have to be at school) whisper to each other: "Oh, there's the Pirate101 guy/girl. Get your Pirate101 knowledge up for when he/she comes!"
• You meet other people and say: "Hello there, nice to meet you. My name is (character name here), Level (Level here) (Class here)... wait, what? Oh, I mean, I'm..."

I will do more!!!

- The Dashing Swashbuckler - Helpful Aurora Parker, Level 26 Swashbuckler

Petty Officer
Apr 04, 2015
''You know you're playing too much pirate101 when take it too seriously and rage over fails''

Aug 04, 2012
You know you play too much Pirate101 when you search the Internet for 15 minutes every day for some whisper of an update! But I will be patient!

Dec 19, 2010
swashbuckler lover on Mar 6, 2016 wrote:
This has happened to me many times
When your talking to someone on your private chat but you said what you were going to say to that person out loud. It's very embarrassing

Keisha 65 Swashbuckler
Jasmine Kidd 22 Musketeer
Kiley 12 Buccaneer
Cassidy 65 Witchdoctor
So there was something me and a freind was trying to work out over private chat, since he was in a different location. Except not only did I say aloud what I meant to say in private chat, but I said in private chat what I had meant to say aloud. All in all, confusing (or embarassing in my case) for everyone involved.At least it wasn't as bad as the time in W101, when I sent a private message to one friend, that was supposed to go to another...

The Grin Reaper

Gunner's Mate
May 28, 2013
You know you play too much Pirate 101 when your wife walks behind you and, without looking, comments "Sounds like Sarah Steele just got another critical."

Dec 12, 2012
You know you play too much pirate when you get anything and start swinging it and try to make a new epic or sing your companions song with their epics'Also when someone says El Toro and you make the music

Oct 13, 2012
You yell "Vengeance Strike" whenever your brother slugs you and you hit him back, and then "Relentless" and "Blade Storm". That's how I lost my dignity, folks!

Mar 03, 2012
-When you can't stop clicking Chantal so she could say "What'cha need".
-When you say mate all the time.
-When you try looking for videos called Wizard101 vs Pirate101.
-When you go to the forums and reply this conversation.
-When you do all the trivia quizzes for crowns.
-When you went to all the Walmarts in the world to get the Hoodo Bundle and realize it's online.
-When you cry because Mooshu is too hard.

Mar 03, 2012
When you scream t your companions to do better because you want to impress the higher lvls.

Sep 14, 2015
you get El Toro's theme music mixed up with the John Cena song and accidently start humming out El Toro's epic hit when somebody shouts, "John Cena!"

Wicked Aaron Brewster

Aug 23, 2014
Liralen on Mar 6, 2013 wrote:
When you play another game, you keep hitting "x" to go through a door, and your character just sits down.
All the time!! So true xD

Aug 22, 2011
when you start talking to your companions! "Darn it Ratbeard, I think you could have dodged that!" "Ooh, nice critical, Kan Po!" lol...

Not to mention, getting too emotionally invested in the storyline! I almost teared up a little when I finally finished the Cool Ranch storyline because I started thinking about how hard I worked and how long I had been there and how many new companions I got there and how relieved I was to FINALLY get that blasted map piece...

Jun 13, 2012
Your floating through a storm gate and can name every world that shows up in the background

Dec 28, 2012
You start quoting characters. Aye and I think we all do that.

Mar 24, 2012
The First Swashbuc... on Mar 2, 2013 wrote:
1.when you see army men you say oh look its red coats always want to act out random critcal attacks
3.when you watch pirates of the caribean you say look its a skiff or frigate or raft or galleon
4.always shooting a gun at something not alive
5.(my last idea) when your driveing a car you say im driveing a ship we have cannons
Yes, I too act out critical moves like Ratbeard's 1st and 2nd and El Toro's criticals.

Aug 13, 2014
unicornman987 on Apr 6, 2013 wrote:
You play to much and you ask a guy at the cemetery why they didn't build a life fountain
lol! thats so funny!!! XD

Aug 13, 2014
You know when you play too much Pirate101 when...............
Your lock screen on your computer or laptop is one of the loading screens in the actually game!
( sadly i did that before! :{)

Jul 27, 2012
... you wake up from a dream where you are infiltrating The Machine by being dressed up in imitation of an Aquilan Immortal (wearing a white chiton adorned with festoons of fake ivy) and your cover to get in without being blown to bits is the making of ballet costumes (conveniently carrying a tutu in progress in your hands).

Now what Kane could possibly want with ballet costumes, I do not know!

Nov 23, 2012
You know you play too much pirate when you can't stop singing/humming critical themes. And also when you are level 68 before Valencia 2

Mar 24, 2013
When traveling to a place and dress up like a clockwork with friends and form a marching group on Halloween,lol.

Dec 16, 2012
You know you play to much pirate 101 when you start referring to the real marco polo as "Marco Pollo" and Puerto rico as "Puerto mico"

Feb 29, 2012
You come up with memes and inside joke for the game. XD Guilty as charged right here. (Let Peanut kill a man)

Jun 02, 2013
Highlander Fox of ... on Jun 30, 2016 wrote:
You come up with memes and inside joke for the game. XD Guilty as charged right here. (Let Peanut kill a man)
Hehe... Jokes for Pirate101 you say?

Crab Hermit, more like Crab not worth it!

Aug 17, 2014
You know you play pirates101 to much when you... reanact the scenes from the game

Dec 30, 2012
You know you play Pirate101 too much when you start talking in a British accent after playing in Marleybone for a week nonstop.