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May 09, 2013
I have 2 things, 1 feed back, that should be considered carefully, and, the other, a suggestion, here are my 2 thoughts/complaints/ideas:
  • the clothing choices for a privateer, well, I check all the clothing from clothing salesmen, on most of the clothes, they either have strength and agility, or agility and will, but never strength and will. Never do they have strength and will together, I also check the bazaar, barley any items of that have strength and will, but, if I do find the odd piece of clothing, the will is too high and the strength is barely higher than 0. so Mostly all the clothes I have is: 6 will, 2 strength, and for the guide, it says to focus on will, and strength for the privateer, but most of the items for the privateer has agility or will, rarely high numbers of strength! and, due to this, I can never make hard hits on the enemy! and I end up loosing most of the time in cool ranch, I also do power up my companions a little, but, I still end up loosing, I'm powerless most of the time, so, what I'm asking here, is, to change most clothes that is assigned to privateers, or, clothes that privateers can where, is, either change or add more clothing that has higher strengths for privateers! 'cause privateers should do damage too when all there companions faint
  • my second thought, which is upgrading weapons, 'cause I love this one weapon, the armada's marine bulwark, it has a shield and awesome animations when the character attacks! and, I love the weapon, but, since I'm in cool ranch, I do a little less damage to enemies, and, I really hate that I have to change to something "better" just so I won't be under power, so, this, in short form, can we please upgrade our weapons? so, we can keep the weapons we love, especially if they have shields, so, we can still be powerfull, and, keep the weapons that we love to use in combat.
    so, that's it for my feedback and ideas, so, I know this is a long message. can people please consider these 2 thoughts? thankyou.

Petty Officer
Jan 01, 2013
I would really, really, really like Krokotopia to be a world in Pirate101. I experienced it in Wizard101 and enjoyed it really much. It would be really awesome if it was in Pirate101! Though I would prefer that the Krok-Pharaohs would still be powerful and not so evil.

Dec 09, 2012
i think you should have the following:
1. Pet shop- because you should atleast be able to buy a pets with gold in the game instead of having to buy crowns and getting them in the crown shop
2. Have Henchmen in crown shop- i know we already have companions and stuff but sometimes i will go into a dungeon and its hard to do it solo but i cant find anybody else to help me with it.
3. Be able to choose companions- I know sometimes if you go into a major boss fight you get to choose your companion but i want to choose which companion i want because i have ones that i dont like and its exspensive to make sure all of my companions are up to level so they wont die in combat.
4. Be able to choose spells- It would be nice to choose which spells you want like in wizard101, having them in rows is ok but i want to keep all the good cards and put the ones that i dont like aside.
5. Have a room in your ship- It would be cool to have those doors on your ship open to a room. It could be like the rooms that are like the tavern cellar or just be a dormatory size room, just saying it would be EPIC to have it.

Krystal Everhart Lvl. 40

Jul 11, 2012
I think you should make the quest in the passage easier. The one where you have to fight Scylla. It is way too hard. It needs to be made easier. Maybe lower the level of her heads.

Dec 19, 2009
Hello Captain Avery, My pirates name is Bloody Brandon Chamberlain and what i would do and change some right away and others not right away. these are the options i came up with, number one increase the level to level 75 because maybe players will get bored and probably quit no offense or anything but remember the more players are occupied the less chance they will quit the game. number 2 is instead of just fighting computer ships we should ship PVP and the limit of ships on each team should be 4. number 1 is do right away and number 2 is well you decide also i think their should be a chat realm for you to just get away from everything and just chill out and hang out with your friends. i would install a pvp area and a house in that realm. now for number 4 well i think their should be another class that is all about defense and a little bit of attack. those are some of my ideas i would like you to think about

sincerely your fans
Bloody Brandon Chamberlain

Dec 14, 2009
Don't you think it would be cool to be able to have a sword that gives assassins strike or a charm that summons a few hydra heads?
Here's my idea - Mods Please Read- The hydra took awhile for me to battle so why not insert some MORE incentives? Like the following: A charm that can summon some hydra heads; Hydra Blade/Sword that gives assassins strike
I don't know if the Assassins Strike Blade is already real but, it would be cool if it was :)

Do ye think it would be cool? Post your replys!

I hope this can become a reality :)

Dec 08, 2012
Okay so I have several suggestions in mind:

1: Let us say numbers. It's annoying having to go, "I lvl fit ty tree witchdoctor". Plz lets us type numbers.

2: Ranked PvP and Tournaments but not for crowns. How about members pay gold for ranked and tournaments but nonmembers pay crowns.

3: A world I had in mind was a Pirates of the Caribbean themed world. We dould have Davy Jones, Captain Jack Sparrow, Tortuga, and a companion could be Will and/or Elizabeth Turner.

4: Two other worlds I had in mind were Grizzleheim and Krokotopia. We should defeat the last elite clockwork there and have Kane be the final boss of all of Pirate101 but i getting ahead of myself.

5: A fourth promotion for our starter companion, Kraken Skulls companion, old scratch, and death of parents companion.

That's it for now but for Wizard101 i suggets a Harry Potter themed world. Don't comment on that, guys. My name is Sensitive Quinn Andrews I a lvl 58. Go Morgan Lafitte!

Apr 05, 2010
Suggestion: Eagle mount and/or eagle pet to go with the new world of Aquila. :)


Pirate Overlord
Mar 10, 2009
Pearlistic on Jun 26, 2013 wrote:
Suggestion: Eagle mount and/or eagle pet to go with the new world of Aquila. :)

That would be way cool. The basic programing is already done for these from Wiz, so I really hope this one takes off. Great idea

Petty Officer
Dec 04, 2011
one thing I would like to be changed is the cost of training tomes should be one price and does not keep going up as you level up because I always have to spend a lot of time farming to make my companions strong enough

Sep 09, 2010
You could change it by taking away the shadow fortress quest in Mooshu and just. Having to defeat a boss to gain the suit of armor instead of completing a long and hard dungeon.also taking away the great turtle quest and making you go to captain Avery to start marleybone instead of it except you won't have to do the great and powerful turtle dungeon but instead fight the guardians at separate place.see you in the spiral level 48 witch doctor

Mar 04, 2013
There should be a "below deck" feature for docked ships, complete with bank and playable furniture.

Jun 29, 2009
I think that you should make it easier to get bosses in the crowns shop as companions, such as gortez or the high troggy chief, for that much money there should be an easier way to get him, instead of buying him and fighting him so many times maybe as an alternate a super hard dungeon or quest. Hope that gortez improves also, no as pleased with him as I thought I would be for soooooo much to get him.

Dec 01, 2012
Sierra Starsong on Aug 3, 2012 wrote:
Since all the Companions look alike, I'm having a lot of problems in group battles telling my own Companions from those of the other Pirates fighting with me. By the time I look closely at all the squares to figure out which background color is which, I'm running out of time before I can give all my orders.

As well as changing background colors, could you please give each player (and friendly & enemy NPCs) their own border colors too? Since I'm glancing at borders to check on everyone's health already, adding very differently colored borders (instead of the same gold for everyone) would make the "teams" of Units visually pop.

PS Could you please add a ship's wheel emoticon to these message boards, so Privateers can show our class pride too? Thanks!
for your ps, there already is an emoticon for the privateer. this
is witch-doctor
is buccaneer
is musketeer
is privateer
is swashbuckler

Nov 22, 2008
I think, like Wizard101, we should have an offline way to earn items, and/or train companions so that if we cant get on the main game, at least we are still getting items, gold and whatnot. The Companion thing, if anything, would let you train you companion with targets/practice dummies, so that a musketeering companion would have targets to shoot at, while physical attackers have dummies to practice on.

Sep 28, 2009
I have a great idea about the ships, you could make a captains quarters in the ship so its kinda like a tavern to discuss things with your companions on ship it could also be for other ideas.

Sep 03, 2012
ive seen such a ridiculous change with the pricing within areas in the game pirate101 they over price an area from cool ranch way to exspensive so soon not even worth it for a low lvl yet, i compared the pricing in wizard101 buying areas stayed at a low crowns price for a good long amount of time until the huge pricing came in such as avalon. but near cool ranch it gets too close up to 3000crowns for several parts of it way not worth it im sorry u need to make most areas in the beggining of the game pirate101 way cheaper and start with the huge priced areas way way way later in the game.

Nov 19, 2009
I'm playing 6 pirates right now, but after going back to Wizard for a few weeks, this game is even more frustrating. Compared to Wizard, there is FAR too much "running around" (even though we're sailing). Get a quest in one place, sail all over to get something small and quick, and right back to all that boring sailing.

We've ASKED for ports, to no avail. Right now Haunted Skyway is the worst so far--I'm not even sure I want to continue. Making us go get "corn" is an example of a totally unnecessary detour, and the game is filled with these.

Finally, I can't believe this companion mess. You FINALLY got the message when you let us put a few to sleep--but that should be OUR choice as to how many we want to use. Compared to the henchmen in Wizard, I'd ten times rather pay for henchmen than end up with all these USELESS companions. My only recourse has been to let them die in battle--Pearl now has six dead companions and two asleep, and I plan to leave it that way.

Those two major changes would make this game go far more smoothly and quickly:

2) Let US select the four or five companions we wish to keep, and then let us DELETE the others. It's ludicrous to see that huge picture of all those companions, many of which are useless.

Sorry, but after the joy of being back in Wizard, PIrate just doesn't come close.

Hope you'll listen to some of our suggestions.

Feb 02, 2013
Add a port defense, the armada are attacking and anyone in that port has the option to go defend that port(add a server for that) and get prizes for the number of ships they destroyed. Have a big flag ship that a max level can't take by his/her self and forces the pirates defending to work together to stop the ship , and if the armada make it to the port have 5 or 10 waves the pirates have to fend off, the waves and number of ships and strength of the flag ship should be based on the number of pirates defending the port and their level. thanks for considering my idea
() ()


C(")(") it's a bunny :)

Feb 02, 2013
Please add some vikings, they were the first cool pirates

Dec 22, 2008
I'd like to go into the captains chamber on my ship, I'd also love for clothes, weapons, pets, mounts, crew members, etc. to be placed in my house. same with the captain chamber idea, thx :) oh and I'd love for some or more housing items so that your pirate can interact with them, such as the table map, when you get near it you could press x and it shows the map of your house, I know you could simply press the M key and it would show up, but still an Idea I have. and how about changeable hotkeys? like to open your bag, instead of pressing B you could change it to I or Y or whatever you choose. Thanks for reading

Dec 22, 2008
ADD GARDENING: in wizard101 there is gardening, raising a plant in your house and when it gets through all its stages of growth you can harvest it. I really love this idea and think you should add it to Pirate101 as well. example, you could have a cleaver pun name for a flower (can't come up with any at the moment) and it could drop gold, its seed, xp, etc. (and maybe in rare cases trading points). Oh, and class houses (not restricted to just that class, just the class themed house). Thanks for Reading and I hope this gets into the game.

One of KI's Loving Fans,
The Helpful Swashbuckler

Aug 16, 2012
Under decks, i still run into my marleybone galleon door thinking there was a cabin there (mostly cause of other video games) but it would be cool to use house items on your ship. and depending on what size and origin will affect the under decksize and theme. Or i would like to have a mini tavern under our ship. Or maybe you can combine both!

dashing dylan eastman lvl 52

Oct 29, 2012
We need to be able to trade equipment. If i have stuff that i can't use because of class restrictions, but my friend can, I should be able to give it to them or trade something for it. Thank you for reading.

Nov 05, 2012
I've been thinking about defensive mode. Privateers and Musketeers get elusive for free. Buccaneers get Turn The Tide for free. Swashbucklers and Witchdoctors don't get those for free. I think it should be for Swashbucklers and Witchdoctors only. Rank 1 is +15 armor +15 resistance when health is below 50%. Rank 2 is +30 armor +15 resistance when health is below 50%. Rank 3 is +30 armor +30 resistance when health is below 50%. I hoped you liked my idea!

Stormy Wolf Gordon
Level 65 Academy Superstar