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Wait for Exciting Game Play on Sigils!

Some locations in Pirate101 can only be entered under certain circumstances. These locations are marked by a semicircle of sigils. When a location is ready for access, the sigil will glow.

Once the sigil begins to glow, walk up to it and press the 'x' key when prompted. There will be a ten second countdown and then your character and any other players standing on the sigil (one player per sigil) will enter the next location. Note: If other players near the sigil have not already completed the quest or they are not on the same quest as you to cause the sigil to appear, they will not be able to see or use the sigil.

    In summary:
  • Once you get a quest that requires using the sigil, it will appear and glow.
  • As long as the goal to use the sigil hasn’t been completed, the sigil will continue to glow.
  • Once you complete the goal, the sigil will still be visible (and stay visible) but will no longer glow – but you can still use it to repeat the adventure, if you want to.
    In Pirate, seeing a sigil means
      (a) Glowing – an active quest location.
      (b) Not glowing – you’ve already been inside and completed the goal inside. You can go back in, to re-participate in the content.