Player's Guide

Learn how to play the free Pirate101 game!


Play Fun Mini Games and Win Prizes!

Throughout your adventures you may come across a wagon or a tavern table with a sigil.



These locations are for playing Mini-games. Playing Mini-games offers many rewards that will assist you on your adventure, such as:

  • Mojo Potions
  • Gold
  • Weapons
  • Armor
  • Ship Equipment

Mini-game rewards are given in 12 different scoring tiers. Each successive tier offers progressively better rewards and is accessed by achieving higher scores in a mini-game. Rewards are also relative to your pirate’s level and quests completed. For instance, a level 30 pirate receives a larger gold reward than a level 10 pirate. So you’ll get larger and larger gold awards as your pirate levels up!

To play a Mini-game, simply stand on the icon next to the game stall and press "x" you'll then be given the option to play any of the following games:


Coin Drop

Use the Coin Claw to drop your coins next to identical coins. The more sets you match the higher your score!

Rat Attack

Rid your ship of rats with well-placed blasts of your cannon. Watch out for Spiders and Scorpions!

Pirate's Pub

Serve up glasses of yum juice to a crew of thirsty pirates and collect your tips. Mind you don't spill anything!

Powder Keg

Set your sights and defend your pirate's tower against monsters and Redcoats!

Rogue's Range

Practice your aim in the Rogue's Range shooting gallery!


Navigate your ship through hostile territory! Watch out for enemy ships and barricades!