Player's Guide

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Some Yum Yum A Day Keeps the Doctor Away!

Your Pirate's health globe is always present in the lower left hand side of your screen. The higher you level up your Pirate character, the higher your maximum health may be!

Health Meter

What happens if I run out of health?

If your Pirate's health globe reaches 0 during a battle, you have been defeated. Sometimes your Companions can overcome your defeat by finishing the battle for you while you’re defeated. If this happens, your health globe will return to 1 point of health after the battle. Other times, however, both you and your Companions will be defeated. Don't fret though! If this happens, your Pirate is simply teleported back to a Life Fountain to recover. You can wait there while your health slowly fills back up, and then you and your Companions can get back to the bad guys!

How do I refill my Health?

You can refill your health globe in three different ways. The first is by eating red Yum Yum fruit. Yum Yum fruit floats around in all the Pirate101 worlds. If you have low health, eating a red Yum Yum fruit will raise it.

Yum Yum Fruit

Another option to completely refill your health globe is to visit a safe port. Your health will slowly refill as long as you remain in the area. You can also fully refill your globe by interacting with a Life Fountain. Each Pirate101 area has a Life Fountain connected to it, and you can quickly teleport to that fountain by clicking the Life Fountain button below your health bar. The health globe is located in the bottom left corner of your screen.

You can also use your mojo potion to fully restore your health. The mojo potion, if you have one, is the blue bottle next to your health globe.