Player's Guide

Learn how to play the free Pirate101 game!


Unbottle Your Own Pirate Ship!

The ship icon’s menu allows players to launch any ship you’ve acquired or outfit a ship with ship items you’ve acquired. Many of the items on this menu will not be accessible until you have received your first Ship.

Pirate Ships

You can access your ship menu options by clicking the ship icon at the top of the Pirate101 screen. Pirate ships in the game are stored in bottles, so you can carry around more than one ship with you at a time! To unbottle your Pirate ship, choose the "Select Ship" ship menu option.

Clicking this option launches a menu that allows you to un-bottle one of your owned ships. If you un-bottle a ship while not in a dock, your ship will be waiting for you the next time you enter a dock. If you don’t have any ships yet, don’t worry—you’ll have a ship as soon as you finish your first job for Captain Avery on Skull Island.

Please note... you will be unable to dye your ship or purchase equipment for your ship if it is not unbottled.