Player's Guide

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Pirate Ship Factions

Each ship has an Origin. The Origin determines which ship parts fit on the ship – for example, sails made to fit on Pirate ships won’t fit on Monquistador ships. However, sails made for Pirate ships will fit on any Pirate ship, regardless of its size.

The current Origins in Pirate101 are as follows:

  • Pirate
  • Monquistador
  • Bison
  • Samoorai
  • Royal Navy
  • Eagle

To assist you in understanding your ship equipment, any piece of ship equipment will list its requirements when you roll your mouse over it in the ship equipment screen. Generally, requirements on ship equipment are as follows:

  • Anchors: Require a nautical level
  • Armor: Requires nautical level and origin
  • Cannon: Requires nautical level only
  • Figureheads: Requires nautical level and origin
  • Rudders: Requires nautical level and origin
  • Sails: Requires nautical level and origin
  • Wheels: Requires nautical level only
  • Horns: Requires nautical level only

As stated before, all these requirements are listed on a piece of ship equipment, and a lock icon will appear if you’re unable to equip a piece of ship equipment.