Player's Guide

Learn how to play the free Pirate101 game!


Sail the Superior Pirate Ship

Like player equipment, ship equipment adds stats directly to your ship. For example, if your ship has 10 base damage and you equip a +5 cannon, your ship now has 15 damage.


What do these vital stats mean?

Ship Accuracy
Ship Accuracy improves your ship’s chance to hit your opponent.


Ship Defense
Ship Defense reduces your ship’s chance to be hit by your opponent.


Ship Hull Armor
Ship Hull Armor reduces the damage taken when your ship is hit. Ship Hull Armor values tend to be very low, because they reduce damage by a percentage.


Ship Firing Rate
Ship Firing Rate increases the rate at which your ship fires its cannons. It also reduces the amount of time you have to wait between casting your powers.


Ship Cannon Damage
Ship Cannon Damage increases the damage dealt by your ship’s cannons and powers.


Ship Hull Integrity
Ship Hull Integrity increases your ship’s health.