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Find Your Real Life Friends in Pirate101!

A True Friend Code is a special code created for your Pirate to give to a friend of yours in real life. After you give your friend the special code, they can input the code on their Friends List and instantly add you as a Pirate101 friend!

To create or enter a True Friend Code click the “10101” button on the main Friend’s list screen. Doing so will provide you with a new menu, as seen below. To create your True Friend Code to share—outside of the game—with another player, click the “10101 Get True Friend Code” image, as seen below. Doing so will bring you to another window where your True Friend Code will be displayed. Please note, the True Friend Code must be used within 48 hours or it will expire and you will need to generate a new code. Once you have the code, give them the code outside of the Pirate101 game. To enter a True Friend Code that you got from a real-life friend, simply enter the code in the box that states “…Enter Code…” as shown below.