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Manage Your Pirate101 Friends

The "My Friends" window has two different views, and can be seen by clicking the shaking hands icon in the top right corner of the Pirate101 top menu. Each view of the friends list offers different features.

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The view on the left is the default view, showing a list of your friends with a few options. The view on the right is what you get when you click on a friend’s name in your Friends List. Clicking on a friend’s name in the Friends List allows players to choose from a variety of options:

  • Go to: Click this button to teleport to the selected friend’s location in the game world. If clicking this option doesn’t work, it usually means that a friend is either not online, or engaged in some activity that does not allow friend participation (like playing a mini-game).
  • Menu Chat: Click this button to start a private “Menu Chat” with your selected friend.
  • Text Chat: If available to you, click this button to start a private “Text Chat” with your selected friend.
  • Add to Group: Click this button to invite a friend to your group, which will allow you and your friend(s) to adventure together. NOTE: This button is active only when you don’t have a full group for your ship yet.
  • Report: Click on the player that is harassing you so the correct player appears in the Friends List window, and then click on the report button to report that player. Customer Support has specific rules for what is considered harassment; please see the customer support pages for more information.
  • Ignore: Click on the player you want to ignore (meaning they can no longer chat with you) so the correct player appears in the Friend’s List window and click the Ignore button. Be aware that if the player is also on your Friends List, clicking this button will also remove them from your Friends List.
  • Remove: Click this button to remove a selected friend from your Friends List.