Player's Guide

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Text Chat

Basic Text Chat

Text Chat type allows players to type in words allowed by our family friendly dictionary and send to other players who also have “Text Chat” enabled. Players recognized as 13 or older can use this Chat system if Text Chat is enabled through Parental Controls in "My Accounts" on the Pirate101 website. Players with “Under 13” accounts need a validated parent/guardian over age 18 to enable Text Chat, before they can use it. The parent/guardian must validate his/her age by buying a Membership (or Crowns) with a valid credit card.

If a Pirate meets these requirements, hitting the ENTER key brings up the text chat entry window. To close the Chat window, press the ESC key, or click the little yellow “x” in the chat window’s upper right corner.

Open Chat

Open Chat is a less restricted level of Text Chat, that's only available to players over the age of 18 and who have a valid credit card on file with KingsIsle Entertainment. Open Chat will be filtered for profanity, but allows numbers and names.

When chatting with Open Chat privileges, Pirates will see their text show up in 3 different colors. White means that basic Text Chat users can see the word, yellow means that only Open Chat users can see the word, and red means the word is completely filtered and will not show up for anyone.

True Friends Chat

Players can exchange a code with someone they know in real life, and then talk more openly with real friends. This Chat is still filtered for profanity and inappropriate language and is available for Members only. True Friends must know each other in real life. To learn more, see the True Friends section.

Group Chat

This Chat type is only available when you are grouped with others. Only those in your group will see this Chat. To initiate group Chat begin typing with “/G”.

Private Chat or Whispering

Private Chat will allow you to speak privately to a single player, from anywhere in the game world. To initiate Private Chat, begin typing with “/T” and enter the player’s name, or use the Text Chat button on the Friends panel, once you’ve selected your friend from the Friend’s list.

Chatting in the Open With New Friends

Typing "/S" will start a new message in your chat window that all nearby players can hear.