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Housing Teleporters have come to Pirate101

Housing Teleporters are housing items that allow you to jump from one spot in your house to another – in the same house or to a completely different one – in the blink of an eye. That includes being able to jump from your dorm to your house. Teleporters can only be placed in houses that you own.

Once placed, teleporters can be used by anyone in your house, so you can set up quick access to your dance floor, build a maze or have a “progressive” party that moves through the houses you own.

Purchasing Teleporters

Teleporters are a vanity item, so they are Crowns-only (no Gold purchase). You’ll find them under the House tab, in the Crown Shop. You can buy them individually, but there’s also a 6-pack of teleporters which is cheaper than buying 6 separate ones.

Each teleporter is one-way – you set a destination and place the teleporter as the starting, or origin, location, but stepping on the destination spot won’t send you back.

Teleporters come in different colors, to help you remember which teleporter you’ve set up to go to what locations.

Each teleporter takes up 1 inventory slot, or one housing slot when placed in a house.

Setting up a Teleporter

  1. 1. Go to the Destination house
  2. 2. Open Housing Interface and click on the Decorations tab
  3. 3. Click on the Teleporter’s icon,which puts a circle on your cursor
    1. a. Notice the arrow – it indicates the direction you’ll face when you teleport here
    2. b. You can change the direction by using the mouse wheel
    3. c. You can cancel the circle by right-clicking
  4. 4. Now click on the spot where you will teleport to (this is your Destination)
    1. a. The teleporter icon now has a small green triangle on it, indicating the destination is set
  5. 5. Equip and enter the Starting/Origin house (can be same as Destination)
  6. 6. Open the Housing Interface again
  7. 7. Click on the same Teleporter icon. This time you’ll get the teleporter on the cursor
    1. a. You can rotate the teleporter with the mouse wheel.
  8. 8. Move the teleporter where you want it and click to place it, or right-click to put it back in the interface.

You’re done. Step up to the teleporter to use it.

What cancels teleporter connections?

  • Closing the Housing Interface won’t clear the Destination setting
  • Exiting to a non-house zone won’t clear it.
  • Going back to Player Selection won't clear it.
  • Logging out (or being dropped) and returning later (even after 15 minutes) won't clear it.
  • Rotating or moving a placed teleporter won’t clear it
  • Picking up the teleporter will clear it