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Decorate Your Perfect Pirate Getaway

You can also purchase additional housing and bunkhouse furniture at The Crown Shop and housing vendors. To place furniture in your house or bunkhouse, follow the below steps:

Click the furniture icon in the lower right-hand corner of the screen when you're standing in the player housing that you would like to decorate.

At this point you will be able to begin decorating your house by selecting from various furniture categories.

To place a piece of furniture, click on the item of your choosing then click again in the house where you would like to place the piece of furniture. When looking for a location to place your furniture, if the furniture glows red, that means you are unable to place it at that particular location.

If you are not satisfied with placement of your furniture, you can pick it up and place it at another location. To do so, click on the piece of furniture that you placed and then click on the treasure chest with the yellow arrow.

Once you do so, the piece of furniture will be placed back in the “decorate house” window.

You can also move a piece of furniture that you have placed in your house. To do so, click the grey block.

If your backpack is filling up with housing items, you have the option to move these items to your attic space. To do so, click the attic button from the “Decorate House” window. Next, click on the furniture that you wish to place in your attic and click on the “move to attic” button.

Furniture items stored in the attic are accessible via all purchased houses.